How to choose flour tank trailer

flour tank trailer

How to choose Flour Tanker Trailer

Vertical flour tank trailer is flour material as the medium, used for the transport of bulk flour material tank, tank is a horizontal cylindrical cylinder and a number of vertical inverted cone bucket, cone bin and horizontal minimum Angle is greater than the static Angle of powder, material by gravity flow to discharge port, pneumatic unloading mode.

Why do we need a flour tank trailer to transport flour?

Flour is made of wheat powder, according to the processing accuracy is divided into special grade flour, special grade flour and ordinary flour. Different grades of flour, its particle size and packing density is different. According to the research, some flour mills use horizontal flour tank trailer to transport flour, and the residual material usually can reach 300 ~ 500kg. Because of the large fluidized bed area of horizontal pflour tank trailer, flour is not convenient to clean, and the flour scattered between the fluidized air belt is difficult to clean. Residual flour stays in the tank for a long time, which is easy to cause deterioration and does great harm to food hygiene. Zero residue of flour can be realized by using vertical flour tank semi-trailer.

flour tank trailer

Advantages of bulk transportation compared with bagged transportation

The use of bulk powder transportation technology, flour from the bulk powder warehouse of flour factory directly loaded on bulk powder truck transportation to flour food factory and other users hands, and then through the pneumatic conveying technology from the truck transportation to the user to collect powder bulk powder warehouse. It avoids the loss of leakage during packaging, handling and dumping. When users use flour in production, pneumatic conveying technology is used to send flour directly to the production workshop.
Compared with bagging transportation, bulk powder transportation saves the flour process of flour mill, the loading and unloading process in circulation, the stacking and unloading process of food factory and other users, simplifies the operation, reduces labor intensity and saves a lot of labor.
What’s more, bulk transportation of flour saves a lot of packing materials, avoids the loss of flour when filling and dumping bags, and the pollution to the environment in the process of making flour bags from plastic particles to ras, garden looms, paint and other woven bags. By eliminating the contamination of bagged flour in circulation, bulk flour trucks create huge economic benefits.

flour tank trailer

Maintenance of Flour tanker trailer

(1)In order to ensure the cleanliness of the materials in the tank, the dirt in the tank and the outlet should be cleaned regularly. In the water tank put into use a few times, it is recommended that users check the inside of the water tank before each use.
(2) In order to prevent fire, failure of fire prevention and anti-static device, leakage of camping road system or fuel tank, failure of electrostatic mop or failure of grounding wire, vehicles shall not be used. When the mopping tape is worn, loosen the pressure plate and pull out a section of the mopping tape to ensure that the tape is pressed properly and touches the ground.
(3) When the water in the sink sedimentation flour tank trailer freezes, it is not allowed to thaw with open fire heating, but should drive the vehicle to the greenhouse or steam heating thawing (note: heating medium cannot be used, and private processing is strictly prohibited).
(4) It is strictly forbidden to hit any part of the flour tank trailer with metal objects to avoid sparks and fire.
(5) In the process of loading and unloading, even if the working time is very short, the operation must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the operation site to ensure the safety of loading and unloading.
(6) Keep the inlet and exhaust air of the ventilation valve smooth. If the pump is used for discharging, the manhole cover on the filling mouth cover must be opened first to prevent the tank body from deformation due to the excessive flow of the pump.
(7) The driver must be familiar with the use of fire extinguishers, and should repair and replace fire extinguishers in time.
(8) When the flour tank trailer and pipeline system leakage, leakage, absolutely not allowed to use piezoelectric, gas welding stop welding tank.
The correct approach is: clean the material, the tank pressure release for no pressure state. Open the manhole cover of the tank, all valves are open, after a period of time, the vehicle can be welded after entering the opening.
(9) In order to prolong the service life of the flour tank trailer, the vehicle shall be loaded according to the rated loading capacity, and shall not exceed the maximum total mass of the original vehicle. When the car is driven on a good road surface, the weight can be increased appropriately, but it must not exceed the maximum total mass allowed by the original chassis.
(10) Double or multiple storage flour tank trailer should keep the loading quality of each warehouse at the same level to prevent unnecessary damage to the vehicle caused by loading bias.