3 Axle 80 Ton Semi Lowbed Trailer

80 ton semi lowbed trailer

3 Axle 80 Ton Semi Lowbed Trailer

FUDENG 3 Axles Semi Lowbed Trailer main beam adopts Q460C High Strength Steel Material

Q460C steel has a higher yield strength, is more durable and stronger than ordinary steel, and has 5 times the load-carrying capacity of a semi lowbed trailer made of Q345 steel. – The cost per ton of Q460C high strength steel is double the price of regular Q345 steel, ensuring our FUDENG semi lowbed trailer have a long life and avoid unnecessary maintenance costs.

The yield strength of Q345 steel is only 345Mpa, which cannot meet the requirements of high bearing capacity. When the excavator trailer is overloaded, the main beam of the 80-ton semi lowbed trailer will be broken.

Q345 steel is a low-cost steel with short service life, increased maintenance costs, and can not meet the load requirements of various roads.

80 ton semi lowbed trailer

1. Main beam

FUDENG  heavy-duty semi lowbed trailer adopts 500mm main beam, which effectively increases the carrying capacity by 10% compared with the ordinary excavator trailer using 450mm main beam, and ensures the main beam’s resistance to torsion, impact and bumps, and meets the load requirements of harsh roads, even without roads. .

FUDENG 80 ton semi lowbed trailer adopts 300mm wide main beam, which increases the load capacity by 20% compared with ordinary low-load trailer using 140mm wide main beam, ensuring smooth driving.

2. Side members

The side beam of FUDENG 80 ton semi lowbed trailer adopts 300mm “I-beam” design, its carrying capacity is 2 times that of ordinary heavy-duty trailer using 250mm side beam.

FUDENG 80 ton semi lowbed traileris produced with 10mm thick side beams, its loading capacity is much higher than ordinary low loading trailers using 4.5mm thickness

80 ton semi lowbed trailer

3. Powerful ramps

The loading ramp is made of T700 high-strength steel, which has a high bearing capacity and will not deform when carrying heavy equipment.

The lower the platform height of the low bed trailer, the better the stability and safety. Our low loaders have great carrying capacity when transporting very high and medium loads. FUDENG 80 ton semi lowbed trailer are typically 1300mm above the ground. If you have special needs, we can also customize for you.

This structure can transport all kinds of heavy equipment, as well as other general cargo, as well as 40-foot containers and 20-foot containers. Locomotives in this configuration are the most exported to Africa.

80 ton semi lowbed trailer