54KL 3 Axle Oil Tanker Trailer

3 axle oil tanker trailer

4 Axle 54KL Oil Tanker Trailer

The following is the description of some parts of the 3 axle oil tanker trailer

1. Air release valve

One of the important components of the manhole cover is the breathing valve, also known as the safety valve. The function of the valve is to automatically adjust the pressure in the tank.

All compartments of small and medium tanks have a breather valve. On the other hand, a large tank has breathing valves in each compartment.

The valve body of the breathing valve is made of nickel-cadmium stainless steel. All other parts are made of stainless acid-resistant steel to prevent rust.

2. Foot valve

The foot valve is typically installed on a 3 axle 54000 liter oil tanker trailer with 6 compartment outlets. In the event of an accident, the valve can cut off the pipeline within 5 seconds. This ensures the safety of cargo and people inside the vehicle.

Quick shut-off also prevents leaks and explosions in accidents. A quick cut is enough to save lives and prevent the loss of fluid being transported.

3 axle oil tanker trailer

3. Manhole cover

A manhole cover is the cover on a 3 axle oil tanker trailer with 6 compartment manholes as shown in the picture below. The lid has important parts you should know about keeping the tank safe.

4. Overfill sensor

The overflow sensor is an alarm installed on the manhole cover. Whenever the height of the liquid in the tank changes rapidly, the sensor emits a sound or noise.

When the liquid reaches the appropriate height, the whistle or alarm stops. In this case, the sensor acts as a filling alarm. In addition, the whistle stops when the liquid in the tank is emptied.

5. Outlet valve

This valve is used to quickly unload the liquid in the tank. Its internal structure conforms to hydrodynamics, which minimizes internal pressure at high flow rates.

The special construction of the outlet valve helps ensure that no oil leaks when the fitting is removed.

3 axle oil tanker trailer

Why do fuel tankers have several compartments?

This, in turn, can cause significant changes in axle loads, affecting truck and trailer stability. Instability can cause a trailer jackknife or tip over. Using a multi-cabin model reduces the chance of axle loading, keeping the trailer stable.

To ensure stability: When the trailer is driving on a slope, the liquid will fluctuate in all directions in the tank. If the 3 axle 54000 liter oil tanker trailer has a large capacity, the fluctuations can cause large changes in the center of mass.

It is more expensive and inefficient to transport each liquid in a different oil tanker. Trailers with multiple compartments can transport different grades of gasoline at once. One service station can receive all the products needed in one trip.

Efficiency principle: Trailers in different compartments can transport different kinds of liquids at the same time. This reduces transportation costs and saves fuel as the trip is reduced to one trip.