4 axles lowbed trailer

4 axles lowbed trailer (2)

4 axles lowbed trailer

This is a 4 axles lowbed trailer we made for our African customers. The customer saw the product we sold to a local customer in their place, because our contact information was left on our  lowbed trailer for sale . The customer first contacted us through WhatsApp and told us that he wanted to buy 4 axles lowbed trailer for sale . Later, we learned that the customer wanted to use 4 axles lowbed trailer  to pull machinery through in depth communication. We according to the customer’s machine weight and purposes in the future, recommend the corresponding configuration to the customer, the customer is very satisfied with our recommended to her, and later learned that we have our own website and alibaba shops, went to the store and website to know about, the final order for 3 sets of 4 axles lowbed trailerAnd said very satisfied with our service and products

4 axles lowbed trailer

4 axles lowbed trailer description

1.Finite element analysis is used to improve automotive product performance.

2.Strong loading capacity, can load 30-120 tons.

3.High-thickness steel with titanium content of 0.98‰ ensures the strength and strength of the steel beam and frame.

4.42 tough ribs are designed to ensure the safety and carrying capacity of the trailer.

5.The uniquely designed low-load platform has a lower center of gravity for transportation and a smoother ride.

6.National Welding Supervisor. Each process takes 30 minutes longer than normal welding time.

4 axles lowbed trailer (2)

MainBeamMaterial:Q345/T700/ Manganese Steel

MainBeamHeight:500mm/Adjustment According to Loading Capacity.

MainBeamUpperPlate:24mm/Adjustment According to Loading Capacity.

MainBeamMiddlePlate:14mm/Adjustment According to Loading Capacity.

MainBeamLowerPlate:26mm/Adjustment According to Loading Capacity.

PlatformThickness:4mm/Adjustment According to Loading Capacity.

Axle:3/4 Axles *13/16 Ton
Vehicle Master/FUWA/BPW/Other

12/16 Pieces

Rim:9.00*22.5/6.5-20 (12/16 Pieces) Steel/Aluminum

LeafSpring:90mm*13mm*10/90mm*16mm*10 Pcs

Suspension System:Mechanical or Air Suspension

Kin Pin:50#(2″)/90#(3.5″) JOST/Other Brand,Changeable

Landing Gear:28 Tons Two Speed,JOST/Other Brand

Tool Box:Steel or Aluminum