how long is a flatbed semi trailer

How Long is a Flatbed Semi Trailer

1、Flatbed Semi Trailer Description

Flatbed semi trailer is a semi-trailer with container structure. Mainly used for ship, port, air route, highway, transfer station, bridge, tunnel, multimodal transport supporting logistics system.

1, specially used for the transportation of all kinds of containers. Can be used repeatedly for a long time, with sufficient strength.

2. If the goods are transshipped in containers, they can be loaded directly in the consignor’s warehouse and unloaded at the consignee’s warehouse. There is no need to take the goods out of the Flatbed semi trailer for replacement when the vehicle or vessel is changed midway.

3, can be loaded and unloaded quickly, and can be directly and conveniently reloaded from one means of transport to another means of transport.

4, easy to fill and unload the goods, to meet the personalized needs of customers.According to customer needs to ensure tooling, stable quality, reliable performance. Flatbed semi trailer is a special transport trailer for carrying containers.In the early stage of the development of container transport, due to the small container load, the number is not large, and the use of ordinary truck transport.

flatbed semi trailer

2、Container semi trailer dimensions

Since the 1960s, with the rapid development of container transport, various countries have developed special vehicles for container transport.The size of the loading part of the container trailer is determined according to the standard container size, and the torsional lock device is fixed on the position corresponding to the four corners of the bottom of the container. A special transport Flatbed semi trailer for carrying containers.The four corners of the loading position are provided with a twist-lock device fixing the container.Usually used semi – hanging, full hanging and double hanging, to the semi – hanging.Semi-hanging and plate type and skeleton of the points, the former has a flat platform, can also be used to ship ordinary grow up goods;The latter has no cargo platform, and the container is mounted on the chassis frame, which is fixed by the twistlock device as the strength component of the Flatbed semi trailer .

flatbed semi trailer include flat plate container semi-trailers and skeleton container semi-trailers flatbed semi trailers 20 feet 30 feet 40 feet 45 feet (three axis 7.3 m 8.5 m 9.2 m 9.6 m 12 m 12.5 m 13.5 m 13.9 m

We can design the flatbed semi trailer according to your needs and the load for you to meet your requirements

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