40 ft Side Loader Trailer

40 ft Side Loader Trailer

40 ft Side Loader Trailer

40Ft side-mounted trailer means long trouble-free working time, stable and reliable performance, compact and reasonable layout, beautiful and fashionable, easy to use and easy to maintain.

The product adopts the patented technology of self-developed cylinder sliding guide rail, which expands the operating space of the equipment.

Adopt electro-hydraulic load adaptive dual pump and dual branch patent technology to ensure the stability of crane speed switching and make full use of the output of the engine

At the same time, it can realize the synchronization of the hoisting mechanism on both sides and the stability of the hoisting process; the patented technology of automatic storage and intelligent control of chain lock and intelligent control improves the comfort of operation and the safety of the whole trailer.

40 ft Side Loader Trailer

Competitive Advantage

40-foot side-loading trailers enable you to perform work in a safe and efficient manner and provide new forms of service that trucks and trailers cannot.

quick turnaround

40ft side loading trailers for sale allow you to quickly load and unload containers anytime, anywhere. 2-4 minutes of full operation time, the driver can move on to the next task.

Put the container on the ground

The 40-foot side-loading trailer can place containers on the ground so that end users can pack/unpack at their own free time. If there is no loading dock, a 40ft side loader trailer will also enable safe and more efficient unpacking/packing of containers. Containers placed on the ground can also be used as flexible temporary storage rooms.

40 ft Side Loader Trailer

Safe cargo, safe workplace

The 40-foot side-loading trailer provides safe, horizontal 2+2-point lift, keeping your cargo safe and allowing you to handle hazardous, fragile or high-value cargo. The delivery process is as safe as possible as both lifting operations and transport are handled by one person.

more than just containers

The 40-foot side-mounted trailer can lift many types of heavy loads and provides an economical alternative to many specialty lift cranes and systems. Sideloader’s high lifting capacity can match 100-120 ton meter cranes.