45ft skeleton trailer of African client

45ft skeleton trailer

40ft skeleton trailer of African client

When it comes to the 45ft skeleton trailer, we can always put it and the container transport of coastal ports together, those trailers mainly run short distance transport, the main cost performance, so the configuration is also very basic, is very ordinary trailer.

In fact,  the 45ft skeleton trailer has another use, that is to install the refrigerator to run the cold chain transportation, this kind of assembled refrigerator truck and special refrigerator trailer, to withstand the test of long-distance, high-speed, multiple road.The trailer we are talking about today is used to pull the refrigerator skeleton car, configuration is also quite high.

45ft skeleton trailer

Because the matching main tractor truck is yellow, so the 45ft skleton trailer is also decorated with yellow, using electrophoresis process coating, color can be more durable and not easy to rust, the whole body looks very classy.

The 45ft skeleton trailer is 13.95 meters long, 2.55 meters wide, and weighs just 6.8 tons. It is a 3axle, twin-tire semi trailer.

45ft skeleton trailer is the front four main trailer connection interface, respectively for the gas pipeline interfaces, power supply interface, ABS (actual this car is 4 channel EBS), control line, through these four interface, all the main trailer electricity, gas, brake connection, realize the pilot control of the vehicle.

45ft skeleton trailer landing gear uses the international brand JOST, reliability is better than domestic brands, it is said that about landing gear in hand movements, operation is also very easy.

Guardrail, the 45ft skeleton trailer in order to do better lightweight, side fence, guardrail stents, toolbox adopt aluminum alloy material.

skeletal semi trailer for sale

The fender uses the unibody design, standard tail fly test design, compared to a lot of no skeleton trailer tires upper turnkey, can better guarantee the container clean.

Tail design also is very solid, the 45ft skeleton trailer machine made by shandong FUDENG, the rear of the paste for a FUDENG advertising and long car “warning”. Tail lights for LED light source, and relatively thick tail drilling beam, to tell the truth, let a person very at ease.

This trailer is triangle brand tyre choice, model of 12 r22. 5, the wheels for aluminum alloy wheels.

Axle, the trailer adopts a heavy duty axle of trailer , and adopted the air suspension. Because the car need refrigerated transport fresh goods, so have a good stability to ensure the safety of the goods.

In addition, the 45ft skeleton trailer  brake using disc brakes, compared with the traditional drum brake precision, comfort to be stronger, but higher requirements for loading the goods weight, absolutely can not be overloaded.