A little bit about the Tanker Trailer

fuel tanker trailer

A little bit about the Tanker Trailer

What Can Tanker Trailer Doing ?

Tanker trailers, also divided into tankers and tankers, refer to trailers designed to transport liquids or gases on the road. They can transport the same liquids and fuels. Tank trucks are mainly used for short-distance transportation, and each time the liquid is relatively small, the maximum is not more than 30,000 liters. Fuel tank trailers are mainly used for long-distance transportation. Generally, there will be more liquid loads, generally between 30-60KL, and the transportation unit is calculated in gallons or liters.

How Many Litres Can Fuel Tanker Carry ?

FUDENG tanker trailer can hold 30,000 to 60,000 liters, 7925-15850 gallons.

The semi trailer is a tank trailer configuration with a maximum carrying capacity of 15,850 gallons (60,000 liters).

The largest tank trailers, usually used for long-distance transportation, can hold 60,000 liters of fuel (about 15,850 gallons of fuel).

fuel tanker trailer

How To Maintain Fuel Tanker Trailer ?

  1. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the tanker trailer, the oil trailer and the oil delivery system should be cleaned regularly, the inner and outer joints of the oil delivery hose should be regularly smeared with lubricating oil, and the oil pipe should be cleaned in time after each work to ensure the cleanliness of the inside of the pipe.
  2. The use and maintenance of the oil pump shall be carried out in strict accordance with its operation and maintenance instructions.
  3. Before the refueling operation, you must use a pole to insert it into the wet soil. The grounding tape of the oil truck should be grounded. During the operation, you should always maintain good static electricity.
  4. Safety valve and filter net should be checked and cleaned frequently.
  5. Furl tanker and piping systems should be cleaned regularly. Regularly check whether the joints of the pipeline system are well connected and the sealing can be.
  6. Pay attention to the maintenance of the lubrication system. The lubrication system is the key to ensure the normal operation of the fuel tanker, so it is necessary to clean and maintain it once when it travels more than 5,000 kilometers, and add lubricating oil to the places with high friction to ensure good lubricity.
  7. Regularly clean the fuel system and cooling system. Cleaning the fuel tanker system and cooling system avoids leaks from seals and who want to know, and also prevents harmful corrosion from occurring, which goes a long way in keeping your tanker in good shape.
  8. The market cleans up the gearbox of the oil tanker, which can prevent the gearbox from slipping and the leakage of the system, and can also make the gear shift smoother and improve the power output.
  9. Cleaning the braking system of the oil tanker trailer. Maintenance in this area is the key to preventing the oil tanker from malfunctioning at high temperatures. Doing this maintenance can effectively prevent the occurrence of dangerous accidents.

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