What is bulk cement trailer

dry bulk trailer

What is dry bulk trailer ?

What is a bulk cement trailer?

Bulk cement trailer also known as dry cement trailer, cement tank truck and pneumatic trailer. Generally used for the transportation of cement, flour, lime powder, mineral powder, fly ash and other powder material size ≤0.01mm bulk cargo.

It is suitable for the transportation and air pressure unloading of dry powder materials with particle diameter less than 0.1mm such as fly ash, cement, lime powder and ore powder. When the vertical unloading height reaches 15m, the horizontal conveying distance can reach 5m.

And dry bulk cement trailer is the use of self-provided motor power by taking force driving vehicle air compressor, compressed air through a pipe into the sealed tank bottom air chamber, made the cement in the fluidized bed on the suspension to flow, when the tank pressure reaches rating, open the discharge butterfly valve, fluidization cement through the pipe flow and transport.

dry bulk trailer

How to maintain the dry cement trailer?

  1. Operation system: Operate according to the axle and chassis instructions.
  2. Air compressor: Operate according to the instructions of air compressor.
  3. Powered take-off: check lubrication and operation regularly. If there is abnormal sound, the cause should be found out and eliminated in time. Gear meshing and wear should be inspected annually. Overspeed driving is prohibited.
  4. Airlines: Always check for seals. If there is leakage, should be repaired or replaced in time; Check the working state of each valve frequently, if there is a fault, it should be repaired or disassembled; The safety valve is guaranteed to open at a pressure of 0.2mpa, and the pressure in the tank cannot be higher than 0.2mpa.
  5. Tank body: Check whether the bulk cement trailer tank body leaks. If found, timely welding.
  6. Tank air compartment: Check air compartment frequently. If damp, airtight or damaged, should be replaced in time. Check whether the pressure bead is compacted. If there is air leakage, will affect the discharge effect, should be eliminated in time.