Fire Precautions For tank truck

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Fire Precautions For Tank Truck

Tank turck is also known as mobile tanker, computer tax control tanker, tank truck, loading tanker, tanker, oil tanker, mainly used as oil derivatives (gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricating oil and coal tar and other oil products) transportation and storage. According to the different use and use of the environment has a variety of oil or oil transport functions, with oil suction, pump oil, a variety of oil packaging, distribution and other functions

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1.Fire Precautions For Tank Truck

  1. Do not pour gasoline into the carburetor port when the tank truck engine is running or when the tank turck is being driven. Filling the carburetor with gasoline to increase the concentration of the mixture in the cylinder, although it is good for starting in the event of an oil failure, is not effective for other causes of failure, and it can cause backfires, burns, and tank truck burnings.
  2. When maintaining gasoline filters, it is not recommended to burn the filter core with gasoline. Many people in the maintenance of tank truck gasoline filter, like to use gasoline burning ceramic filter method to remove impurities on the filter. The harm of doing so is easy to catch fire, and has an impact on the life of the filter element.
  3. In the oil depot, it is not allowed to check the storage battery by short-circuit fire. Because in the small oil depot with poor ventilation, often placed tires, batteries, tarpaulin and other equipment, there are scattered gasoline on the ground, the spark generated when the fire is likely to ignite the oil molecules in the air.
  4. The tow chain of the tank truck must not be wound around the girders. Oil, like other substances, generates static electricity when rubbed against another object. This static fire can ignite fuel and cause a fire. So in the oil depot to be equipped with grounding ground, the  tank turck should also be equipped with a grounding chain, in order to prevent the  tank turck to produce electrostatic sparks, the chain can not be casually wound on the girder frame, must be placed on the ground, and drag a lot of not less than 50 cm.

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  1. Refueling is strictly prohibited under high voltage wires.
  2. do not often use fire hanging method. Sometimes tank truck have a coke, spark plugs when a cylinder of carbon deposition is serious, the cylinder can’t work normally, in order to make the cylinder can run normally, adopt the method of “hanging fire” outside the cylinder (will spark plugs and the high tension line between a 3 mm to 4 mm gap), to improve the spark plug electrode spark over energy, restore the cylinder to work, but generally slightly do not pay attention to “hanging fire” method is easy to fall off. If there is dripping gasoline on the cylinder block, it is extremely prone to fire. It is therefore only a temporary remedy. The correct treatment should be timely cleaning and maintenance of spark plug, as far as possible to avoid the use of “hanging fire” method.
  3. Do not allow drips in the  tank turck system. If the oil road of chassis part has drip leak, and meet ignition late point, mixed gas is thin point, because combustion is slow, can make exhaust pipe erupt fire, the temperature of body rises, exceed the burning point of gasoline vapor ten times (the burning point of gasoline vapor is 28℃). It is easy to ignite the leaking oil and cause the scrapping of the  tank turck body. Carburetor part if dripping on the cylinder head, spark plug high voltage spark leakage may also cause a fire.