tipper semi trailers cleaning tips

tipper semi trailers

Tipper Semi Trailers Cleaning Tips

Summer to open tipper semi trailers driver friends, is a painful season, both to endure strong strong uv and high temperature under the steamer burning, but also in the face of sudden storms, summer is also a rainy season, so things washing is also more key. tipper semi trailers is often washed by rain, it is easy to dirty, trailer cleaning is particularly important. Semi-trailers cleaning the best cleaning method is to use non-scratch car wash, generally we use washing powder, detergent wax brush, the following to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the above method of cleaning semi-trailer head are as follows:

1.Clean the tipper semi trailers head with wax

Washing water washing liquid, although common, but we pay more attention to semi trailers exterior paint care. Because of the increased amount and variety of car wax in the water washing process, the car will have a brighter luster. Water washing surfactant is a common cleanser ingredient, is not damaging the body.

tipper semi trailers

2.It’s best to avoid scratching the dump trailer

Avoid scratches cleaning liquid contains cleansing cream ingredients, but also contains rich water, especially to eliminate static demand composition, demand is particularly pointed out that it uses other areas of scientific and technological achievements, the concept is sediment suspension. Due to the use of silt suspension agent, sediment needs, with the help of external natural conditions, really do no scratch dump tipper trailer wash. In a practical situation, this is the best approach.

3.Clean with detergent and detergent

Washing powder detergent cleaning composition of sulfonic acid, long-term effects of paint, easy to paint white, lose the original luster. General detergent is also a basic product, detergent is neutral, but long-term use will hurt the hands, so we use detergent and washing machine is not good tipper semi trailers head.

tipper semi trailers