FUDENG 60 Ton DropSide Trailer

60 ton dropside trailer

FUDENG 60 Ton Drop Side Trailer

60ton dropside  trailer is used to load various products and materials, such as sand, bags, poultry, etc. It is also used to load some bulk cargo and is widely used in the transportation industry. Suitable for medium and long distance transportation of medium, heavy and bulk goods. High side freight trailers can add container steering locks to transport containers.

60 ton dropside trailer adopts window sash structure, widely used, mainly suitable for medium and long distance transportation of heavy and bulk cargo.

60 ton dropside trailer is easy to disassemble, special column structure, remove railings, containers can be transported.

The suspension adopts non-vertical steel plate stamping rigid suspension, composed of a series of leaf springs and suspension bearings; Reasonable structure, stiffness and strength are very strong, used to support the load, reduce impact.

In the welding process, the steel strength will be reduced, annealed and deformed, and the welding spot strength is much lower than the steel itself.

The working platform is the main bearing component, composed of main beam, wide beam, beam, bottom layer, suspension and so on.
Attention should be paid to whether the thickness of the main beam meets international standards. The international standard for the main girders of side panel cargo semi-trailers is 14/8/16mm. The steel plate in the middle of the beam is Q345 B manganese steel with a thickness of 8mm.
On the ground floor, many platform semitrailers are also used to transport bulk cargo and other items. FUDENG 60 ton dropside trailer adopts international standard 3mm thick checkered plate.
A side door. The general height of the side door is 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm. The side doors have a vertical corrugated structure. The door frame is 40x60mm rectangular steel pipe

60 ton dropside trailer

What are the Features of 60 ton dropside Trailer

  1. The frame of the 60 ton dropside trailer adopts the space frame structure of welded rail and integral through-beam. It stands out in terms of strength, stiffness, toughness and bearing capacity. At the same time, the frame does not appear permanent deformation.
  2. Axle, tire and other accessories are well-known products provided by professional manufacturers at home and abroad.
  3. Traction rod 60 ton dropside trailer adopts excellent braking effect. Axles are equipped with WABCO emergency brake valves, dual brake chambers and brake pads.
  4. New suspension with high strength and impact resistance, patented connecting rod design. On bumpy roads, it ensures better performance and maintains a longer service life

60 ton dropside trailer

Components of FUDENG 60 Ton Drop Side Trailer

  1. High side panel. 60 ton dropside trailer are divided into flat and vertical corrugated board. Can be torn apart or welded to death.
  2. Side wall semi trailer frame. Frame is the main component of bearing structure. It is composed of main beam, side beam, beam and inclined bracket.
  3. 60 ton dropside trailer protection device. Trailer protection protects pedestrians and other vehicles from entering under side wall semi-trailers. It also reduces wind resistance and saves fuel.
  4. Support your legs. In order to park the semi reliably after leaving the front end, the front end of the frame is equipped with two legs connected right or left.
  5. Dropdeck trailer’s traction kingpin. The traction pin is an important part that connects the high-end trailer to the tractor and withstands the traction force, connected to the traction seat.
  6. Axles and tires. Three identical axle assemblies are mounted below the suspension system.
  7. Suspension system. The suspension system is a three-axis leaf spring suspension, which is used to support the load and has the function of absorbing driving vibration.
  8. Quality Axles suspensions and Brake sys BPW, FUWA worldwide best axles work with WABCO brake valve, more effectively brake for safe and save tire cost Fix quality springs and suspensions, support longer service life, save maintenance cost.