How to buy a good fence cargo semi trailer

fence cargo trailer

How to buy a good fence cargo semi trailer

First of all, users should choose the right fence cargo semi trailer model according to their own transportation conditions: general cargo transportation or bulk coal transportation, high speed loading or special road conditions heavy load, whether to use forklift, open the door, choose gooseneck or flat beam, etc., the right one is suitable for themselves.

After choosing the right model fence cargo semi trailer , we should pay attention to the product quality of different trailer products. Although the structure of barn semi – trailer is relatively simple, but the structure of each part is very perfect. When choosing and buying, we should first look at steel materials; Then there should be good structural design; And then you have to have good technology to do it; The selection of key configurations and accessories is equally important.

Today, I will tell you about the key step in the purchase of the fence cargo semi trailer: how to choose the material of the trailer. Steel is usually used as a vehicle material choice, now the trailer has the development trend of lightweight, so many manufacturers will use aluminum alloy materials to replace part of the steel, such as landing gear, rear plate and so on.

fence cargo trailer
fence cargo trailer product for a customer in Ghana

semi trailer made of ordinary steel

Q235, Q345 is the steel widely used in the industry, Q235 is the yield point 235MPa carbon structural steel, in the plate is the most common material, is a general plate series. Q345 is a low alloy structural steel with yield point 345MPa.

Characteristics of ordinary steel
Q235, Q245 steel main advantages are better comprehensive performance, strength, plasticity and welding performance is better, the production difficulty is lower, the price is very advantageous. The disadvantage is that the weight of the vehicle is heavier due to the increase of steel thickness after low strength, which has no advantage compared with aluminum alloy, composite plate and other materials

Characteristics of high strength steel
Compared with traditional Q235 and Q345 steel, the yield strength of high-strength steel is higher, and the tensile strength, Brinell hardness and other performance indexes of the material are also significantly improved, but the flexibility is poor, and the welding process requirements are more strict.
Forden adopts international standard, strictly controls every step of production, so that the produced vehicles have the best quality and the longest service life.

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Semi trailer made of aluminum alloy
Aluminum alloy material is our common lightweight profile. The density of the profile is far less than that of steel, and the physical properties such as yield strength and tensile strength are not weaker than that of steel. In addition, aluminum alloy material has good corrosion resistance and elongation. Because the price of aluminum alloy material is much higher than steel, aluminum alloy is applied to some models and parts in practical application. However, there are also whole coats for special vehicles, such as tank trucks.
FUDENG can manufacture fuel tank semi trailers of different materials for you, such as aluminum, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, we can customize the production according to your local habits and your needs.

45000L fuel tanker trailer
3axles 45000liters Aluminum fuel tanker trailer made for customers in Zimbabwe

Application of different steels

Ordinary steel
Q235 is generally used for carrying structural parts and small parts on the trailer, Q345 is generally used for the bottom plate of the container more, Q700 do the bottom plate, if the light weight and do too thin and lead to too brittle, there may be floor fracture in use.

The steel used in the trailer girder

At present, high strength steel is more popular in the use of lightweight trailer girder, but if the main driving condition is more than 60 tons, it is recommended to use Q345, better toughness, commonly known as “can rebound after lying down”. Of course, the high strength steel model is not necessarily 700, there are some special customized alloy steel such as 550, in the past two years, there are also higher strength grade 980 steel used in the container side plate and flower bar, the plate can be made thinner, in the case of meeting the strength can better reduce the body weight.

fence cargo semi trailer

Advantages of high strength steel.

High strength, its strength is twice that of manganese steel, 3 times that of ordinary steel, can effectively save materials, the use of high strength steel girder, with less material, upper wing plate, lower wing plate, vertical plate can do thinner, lighter weight.

Disadvantages of high strength steel.

The toughness is poor, the welding is more difficult, high strength steel girder is forbidden to welding, high strength steel is easy to annealing in strong current, destroy the steel structure, girder annealing is easy to break, if the production process is not good, girder is easy to fracture.

Advantages of manganese steel.

Good toughness, even if the deformation of the girder is more serious, but can also restore the original shape after unloading, so as to avoid vehicle overload, and more than the limit of bearing, manganese steel girder is also deformed, rarely like high strength steel collapse problem.

Disadvantages of manganese steel.

The strength is poor, compared with high strength steel, the same bearing capacity, the same strength, manganese steel plate thicker, larger specifications, so that the girder is heavier, in the weight charge, lightweight popular transportation industry, some losses.

Price description of different steels

In terms of price, the price of different types of steel is different, even if the same type of steel is produced by different steel mills of different quality is also different, generally speaking, high strength steel & GT; Q345> Q235, it is said that Q700 should be more or less expensive than Q345 generally 500 or so tons, Baosteel is the best domestic steel plant at present, Taigang, Shougang is relatively good, anshan, Anyang and other relatively weak, the same type of steel baosteel is relatively taigang shougang expensive several hundred dollars a ton.

A CangShan semi-trailer axle of removing left in the car, tires and other structure steel parts in about 3 tons, so a CangShan CheHaoDe steel and steel cost of poor disparity can be controlled in 2000 yuan, so the user is in when cars for ordering, try to choose the high reputation manufacturer want to know the same scale, the greater the trailer factory steel purchasing price will be lower relatively.

However, some small trailer factories take steel directly from the local steel market to take goods, procurement links of quality control are not strict, the formal large trailer factory can be directly ordered from the steel plant, and after the order to take 25cm×5-10cm internal tension test, the quality of steel purchased for testing, quality is more guaranteed.

Forden has always been strict in the selection of materials, with the best materials, the production of the best trailer. Let customers use up rest assured, to provide customers with the most intimate service.