What does the semi trailer consist of

Flatbed Container Trailer 1

What does the semi trailer consist of

We introduce each component of the semi trailer in detail, take the sidewall semi trailer as an example

1. main beam

The frame is mainly composed of girders — welded I-beams, support beams, connecting beams, side beams, locks, traction pin connecting devices, panels and so on.Side beam is generally channel steel or bending parts, most trailers are using channel steel, light body hanging bending parts side beam will be more, because the strength is not too big. The support beam is a through-beam, and now most of it is W beam (the figure above is W beam to do the through-beam). When heavy goods are used, the channel steel above 10# is used.

sidewall trailer (2)

2. Hat part

For the sidewall semi trailer, the upper part refers to the pallet, gantry frame, etc. Column board is divided into flat plate and vertical corrugated board, vertical corrugated board is a typical board, the strength will be higher. Gantry frame can also be called “front stop”, FUDENG will design live removable, convenient for customers to use.

Flatbed Container Trailer 1

3. King Pin

King Pin is an important component that connects semi-trailer and tractor and bears traction force. It is connected with traction seat. It is usually forged of chromium alloy steel. There are 50# traction pins and 90# traction pins for different cargo tonnage. Generally, the total weight of 50T trailer and cargo is limited, 50# pin is used below 50T, 90# pin is used above 50T, and 9O# traction pin is used above 90T for safety.

sidewall trailer (3)

4. Suspension System

General semi trailer suspension is the use of non-independent steel plate stamping rigid suspension, a series of leaf springs and suspension support, used to support the load, slow down the impact of dynamic load. Because of the different use of special vehicles, there are different requirements for suspension design. There are four kinds of suspension commonly used: series plate spring balanced suspension and single point suspension .

sidewall trailer

5. Axle

Semi trailer bridge for support bridge, the domestic is mainly Guangdong Fuhua bridge, BPW bridge, York Bridge, anqiao, guangdong Fuhua bridge is the most popular, the bridge through the spring and rod and suspension device connected with the frame to support and transfer load between the frame and the wheels of the force, the rims and tires should be matched in accordance with the standard.

sidewall trailer (4)

6. Electrical system

The electric system of the trailer consists of seven-core socket, cable, air path, various lamps and lanterns, etc., which are used for lighting, safety warning and air supply for the brake.

7. Landing Gear

The supporting device of the trailer is mainly used to support the trailer when it is off the hook, which is composed of support legs and connecting brackets. Many brands, commonly used fuhua, About st, etc., are very good legs.


8. Protective device

The trailer protection device consists of side protection and rear protection to protect pedestrians and other vehicles from drilling under the semi-trailer. .

9. The rest of the accessories

Other accessories on the semi include toolbox, spare tire frame, gantry frame, pile insertion and so on. There are small accessories such as tight rope, rope hook this kind of functional accessories


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