How to choose a tanker truck trailer

fuel tanker trailer

Fuel tanker trailers belong to dangerous goods transportation vehicles, and the quality of oil tank trucks is directly related to safe transportation. Therefore, the selection of oil tank trucks is crucial. So how do we choose a satisfactory fuel tanker truck? What knowledge do you need to know when choosing a tanker truck? Next, the editor will share it with everyone.

Fuel truck trailer, also known as mobile refueling truck, computer-controlled refueling truck, tank truck trailer, tank truck loading truck, oil transport truck, edible oil transport truck, is mainly used for the transportation and storage of petroleum derivatives (gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricants, coal tar and other oil products). Different names are determined by the configuration of transportation media and the different customs in different places. From an appearance perspective, oil tankers can be divided into flat nosed tankers, pointed nosed tankers, and straight nosed tankers.

Precautions for selecting a tanker truck:

  • Before choosing a fuel tank truck, the first thing to consider is whether the chassis and upper installation of the truck are legal and compliant. The oil tank truck that meets the quality regulations is equipped with a power control main switch, speed limiter, emergency shut-off valve, and other devices.
  • On the premise of meeting basic needs, people naturally hope that the price of oil tankers is affordable while carrying a large amount of oil. To meet this idea, only by reducing the self weight of oil tankers can the quality of the oil carried be increased. So from an economic perspective, people can prioritize aluminum alloy oil tank trucks, which have a much lighter weight than steel materials.
  • Fuel tank trucks are not only about loading oil, but also about whether they can walk mountain roads, climb mountain slopes, and save fuel. So when choosing a fuel tank truck, you can specify the chassis and engine. Choosing a good engine can prolong the lifespan and ensure safety of oil tankers. Of course, if used in urban areas and with good road conditions, it is also advisable to choose a vehicle with average performance. When the engine is sufficient, the tires do not need to be too large, and high horsepower is sufficient.
  • The after-sales service of oil tankers is also one of the basic factors that everyone considers when choosing. Excellent after-sales service will save everyone worries. When making a purchase, whether it’s comparing products from three different companies or relying on experience to choose, the first thing to consider when choosing a tanker truck is factors such as a sturdy and reliable chassis, light weight, sufficient power, and after-sales service.
fuel tanker trailer
Fuel Tanker Trailer

Fuel tanker trailer model are divided into circular, slightly elliptical, and elliptical shapes. The tank body can be made of aluminum alloy, carbon steel, or stainless steel materials. According to your needs, it can be independently divided into compartments and filled with different oil products. It can achieve pump in and pump out, self flow, equipped with safety devices, corrosion-resistant, and leak proof. The size, body color, and logo can be customized according to your needs. The thickness of the tank body thickness, end plate thickness, and wave plates are all made of carbon steel material.

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Fuel Tanker Trailer

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