Tips For Selecting Fuel Tank Semi-trailer

Tips for selecting fuel tank semi-trailer

Tank type semi-trailer refers to a semi-trailer with a tank structure in the cargo box. It is commonly used in transportation operations and is generally widely used in industries, agriculture, commerce, and other fields. It is mainly used for transporting oil, gas, bulk materials, etc. Fuel tank semi-trailers are often used to transport liquid substances such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel, vegetable oil, edible oil, etc. Compared to ordinary integrated tank trucks, they have lower transportation costs and lower fuel consumption under the same load conditions, effectively improving transportation efficiency. The fuel tank semi trailer can be further subdivided according to different aspects, and the specific selection should also be based on personal needs. This article will discuss how to more clearly select fuel tank semi trailer from four aspects: tank material, compartment design, the number of axles, and discharging.

1.Tank material

Carbon steel, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel are commonly used in fuel tank semi-trailers, among which carbon steel tanks are more commonly used. Choosing a suitable tank body can transport goods more safely and efficiently.

Carbon steel tank: Made of high-strength steel with high hardness and good wear resistance, with a high cost performance.

Aluminum alloy tank: Aluminum alloy material itself is relatively light, so under the same load conditions, the weight of aluminum alloy tanks is generally about 4 tons lighter than carbon steel tnaks, which is more suitable for countries with strict weight restrictions, such as Zimbabwe.

Stainless steel tank: Generally, 304 food grade stainless steel materials are used to transport drinking water such as milk, or 316L industrial stainless steel is used to transport corrosive liquids such as sulfuric acid.

Tips for selecting fuel tank semi-trailer
Tips for selecting fuel tank semi-trailer

2.The number of axles

The number of axles is often designed based on the vehicle’s load capacity. The higher the load capacity, the greater the required chassis carrying capacity, and the more axles are required. Moreover, multi axle lifting can also be done on the front axle, and there is no frictional resistance between the tires of the lifting axle and the ground under no-load conditions, which can reduce fuel consumption.

3.Compartment quantity selection

The number of compartments in the fuel tank can be determined according to demand, and one or more compartments can be customized. Multiple compartments can also be used to transport different materials separately, ensuring that multiple materials are transported in one tank without mixing different liquids. And each compartment can be of equal size or different capacity sizes, thereby better improving utilization.

4.Selection of discharge valve

The discharge valve generally uses ordinary discharge valves and API discharge valves. Among them, ordinary discharge valves can only output oils and are used in conjunction with different variable diameter joints; The API discharge valve can input or output oils. In addition, it is also possible to choose discharge valves that are shared by multiple compartments or for single compartments according to personal convenience.

Tips for selecting fuel tank semi-trailer
Tips for selecting fuel tank semi-trailer

 5.Advantages of fuel tank semi trailers

  • High loading and unloading transportation efficiency. Transporting goods through tanks facilitates centralized loading and unloading, reduces the downtime of vehicles due to cargo loading and unloading, and improves transportation efficiency.
  • Protect the goods. Tank bodies are generally airtight containers, and the goods are less affected by external factors during transportation, making them less susceptible to pollution, leakage, or deterioration.
  • High level of cargo safety. Especially when transporting highly corrosive goods, tank transportation can greatly reduce the occurrence of accidents and improve transportation and loading and unloading safety.
  • Save packaging materials. The use of tank transportation does not require packaging of goods, which can save packaging materials and costs, and reduce transportation costs;
  • Reduce labor intensity. Tank transportation has a high degree of mechanization in loading and unloading, and does not require excessive human participation, which can greatly reduce labor consumption.


How to choose a suitable fuel tank semi-trailer should consider various factors, such as cargo type, cargo weight, unloading method, etc. By clarifying these aspects, further clarify the need for fuel tank semi trailer, in order to transport goods more efficiently.

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