How to Ship a Container? Road, Rail & Sea Freight!

how to ship a container

Transporting goods over long distances has become an essential part of modern business operations, and shipping containers have brought great convenience to the global freight industry. These large, sturdy metal boxes can hold various types of cargo. Containers can accommodate everything from cars to furniture to electronics. So how do businesses and individuals ship containers around the world? There are three main ways: road transport, sea transport, rail transport.

Road Transport (Container Trailer Transport)

Transporting containers by road requires the use of a container trailer. Container trailers, also known as skeleton trailers or container chassis trailers. It is a skeleton structure trailer specially designed to transport containers of various sizes. After the container is loaded onto the trailer, the container is secured securely with twist locks to ensure safe transportation.

how to ship a container

Container Trailer

It is more efficient to transport containers by road for short and medium distances. This mode of transportation is convenient for loading and unloading, and is not affected by railways and waterways. Using a container trailer makes it easy to load containers onto the trailer with a crane or forklift. Then use the container lock to secure it. No additional steps are required, greatly saving time and labor costs.

Rail Transport (Rail Trains)

Rail transport is a widely used method of container transport, also known as rail intermodal. This mode of transportation requires the use of specialized rail trains to transport containers by rail.

Container Loading: Containers are loaded onto specialized intermodal railcars at a point of origin such as a port, rail yard, or intermodal terminal. Fix the container on the rail train and transport it to the destination. Rail transport provides an efficient means of transporting containers over long distances. Because rail networks usually cover great distances and can transport large numbers of containers on a single train.

Shipping (Cargo Ship)

Sea freight is one of the most important modes of transportation in international trade, and it is also an important logistics channel connecting countries all over the world. Shipping containers by sea is cheaper, with ocean freight rates as low as $0.50 per kilogram.

Seaborne Bulk Carrier

After the container is transported to the port by container trailer, the shipment can be arranged. To ensure safety, these operations will be done by professionals.

Whether by road, rail or sea, containers are a key tool in modern commercial transportation. Containers provide an efficient, safe and economical means of transportation for the global freight industry. With the continuous development of global trade and the continuous improvement of logistics technology, container transportation will continue to play an important role in the global freight industry. Provide convenient and efficient cargo transportation solutions for various enterprises and individuals.