What Are the Dimensions of a Semi Trailer?

What Are The Dimensions Of A Semi Trailer?

Semi-trailer – A common special vehicle for cargo transportation. The semi-trailer cannot provide power by itself and can only be towed by an additional semi-truck. Semi-trailers are usually many times larger than ordinary cargo trucks and are more efficient for long-distance transportation. Therefore, it has been widely used.

How Long Is A Semi Trailer?

So for semi-trailers, some novice drivers or people who are curious about semi-trailers may have a lot of questions that they don’t understand. For example, how long is a semi trailer ? This is related to the regulations of each country and different application areas. After reading this article you will know how long is a tractor trailer.

Length20-53 ft
Width8.5 ft(Max)
Height13.5 ft(Max)

Different Types Of Semi Trailers

There are many types of semi-trailers, and they are used in a variety of different fields. Such as fuel tanker trailer for liquid transportation; lowbed trailer for heavy machinery transportation; livestock trailer for agriculture and animal husbandry; flatbed trailer and skeleton trailer for container transportation, etc. This article will take flatbed trailer and tanker trailer as examples, and tell you how long is a semi trailer.

What Are The Dimensions Of A Semi Trailer?

Flatbed Trailer

What Are The Dimensions Of A Semi Trailer?

Tanker Trailer

How Long Is A Flatbed Trailer

How Long Is A Semi Trailer

Flatbed Trailer Drawing

How long is a flatbed trailer? Flatbed trailer length can be customized, ranging from 20-53 feet in length, which is related to the size of the shipping container. Flatbed trailers are generally dedicated to transporting containers and are commonly found in ports and terminals. A lower-priced mechanical suspension is usually used, and a few Flatbed trailers use an air suspension.

Flatbed trailer sizes of different lengths:

Flatbed Trailer DimensionsLength(ft)Width(ft)Height(ft)Tare weight(T)Max payload
2 Axle20-367.5-
3 Axle37-434.17.150T
4 Axle40-535.47.564T

How Long Is A Tanker Trailer

How Long Is A Semi Trailer

Tanker Truck Dimensions

How long is a tanker trailer? Tanker trailers are generally 36 – 43ft long. There are other sizes, but should be within the standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Tanker trailers of different lengths have different volumes. For example, a 36ft tanker trailer has a volume of 10500- 12500 gallons and we support customization within this range. Of course, the length of the tanker trailer is not limited to 43ft.

Reminder: If you have special needs, we can also make longer tanker trailers. But we don’t recommend it, as a longer semi-trailer means more difficult turns and a greater chance of an accident.

How many gallons does a tanker trailer hold?

Want to know how many gallons in a tanker trailer. You can refer to the table below to find the tanker trailer of the corresponding length.

Tanker Trailer LengthTare weight(T)Volume(Gallon)

Lowbed Trailer Dimensions

How Long Is A Semi Trailer

Lowbed Trailer Dimensions

Lowbed trailers are used to transport large and heavy equipment, and some customers are also used to transport containers. Length between 36-56ft (including ladder). The lowbed trailer has a strong carrying capacity and a low center of gravity, so it is suitable for transporting heavy-weight cargo. In order to lower the center of gravity, its cargo platform is designed to be lower than the gooseneck connecting the tractor. There are two types of low-bed semi-trailers: mechanical ladders and hydraulic ladders.

Dimensions of lowbed trailers in different lengths:

Lowbed Trailer DimensionsTotal length(ft)Width(ft)Total height(ft)Deck height(ft)Tare weight(T)Max payload
2 Axle36.58.2-
3 Axle40-559.14.13.3-4.57.060-80T
4 Axle47-599.1-

Skeletal Trailer Dimensions

How Long Is A Semi Trailer

Skeletal Trailer Drawings

Skeletal trailer is also called container trailer, and its purpose is the same as flatbed trailer. But the structure is simpler, lighter and cheaper than a flatbed trailer. The size of 2-axle, 3-axle, 4-axle skeleton trailer is between 20-53ft.

Dimensions of skeletal trailers in different lengths:

Skeletal Trailer DimensionsLength(ft)Width(ft)Height(ft)Tare weight(T)Max payload
2 Axle20-
3 Axle414.16.850T
4 Axle41-535.47.264T

How Tall Is a Semi Trailer?

Different types of semi-trailers have different uses. Like the low-bed semi-trailer with the lowest chassis, its chassis height is only 4 feet. Taller like a fence cargo trailer, its fence structure can be as high as 13.8 feet. In fact, each kind of semi-trailer can be customized. Before starting production, we draw drawings according to the requirements of customers. After the customer confirms, we will manufacture semi-trailers according to the drawings.

When you are confused about how tall is a tractor trailer, you can use the table below to know what the height of different types of semi-trailers is.

lowbed Trailer4 – 5.4
Flatbed Trailer4.1 – 5.7
Side Wall Trailer5.6 – 7
Livestock Trailer5.6 – 13.8
How Tall Is A Semi Trailer?

How Wide Is a Semi Trailer?

The width of the semi-trailer is also regulated. Normally, the width of a semi-trailer will not be less than 7.5 feet. Container semi-trailers such as skeleton semi-trailers and flat-bed semi-trailers are generally determined according to the size of the container to be transported. A standard container is 7.7 feet wide. If it is a non-standard customized container, we can also customize the width of the container semi-trailer for you within the standard range of the semi-trailer. There is also a semi-trailer whose width can be extended. A widener is installed on its side, and one side can expand the width of 25cm, and the width of the semi-trailer will be expanded by 50cm when the wideners on both sides are fully expanded.

How Wide Is A Semi Trailer?

Lowbed Trailer with Widener

How Heavy Is a Semi Trailer?

The main part of the semi-trailer is mostly made of carbon steel and weighs about 7-8 tons. The quality of the semi-trailer also has a certain relationship with its own weight. The heavier the semi-trailer, the stronger the structure and the higher the quality. However, if the self-weight of the semi-trailer is too heavy, it will reduce the cargo carrying capacity, increase fuel consumption, and reduce revenue.

Therefore, it is very important to design the structure of the semi-trailer reasonably.
In addition to carbon steel semi-trailers, there are also some semi-trailers made of aluminum alloy. The quality of this semi-trailer is lighter, but the price is also higher. For detailed information about semi-trailer weight, please read the table below:

Skeleton Trailer4.6 – 5.8
lowbed Trailer6.1 – 13.5
Flatbed Trailer5.0 – 8.3
Side Wall Trailer5.3 – 8.5
Livestock Trailer5.3 – 8.7
How Tall Is A Semi Trailer?

Aluminum Tanker Trailer

In Conclusion

Through the introduction of the length, width, height and weight of semi-trailers in this article, I believe you have a certain understanding of the parameters and configurations of different semi-trailers. The length of the semi-trailer is generally 20 – 54ft according to the different goods to be transported. Different types of semi-trailers have different uses, so the configuration and parameters of various aspects are also different. According to the regulations of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on various indicators of semi-trailers, we can customize a semi-trailer for you that meets your requirements.