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Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer

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1. About Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer

Aluminum fuel tanker trailer is one kind of fuel tanker semi trailer but the material is aluminum. The mainly transportation meadia liquids are gasoline and diesel. For 45000 liters fuel tanker trailer, the tank body is made of 5mm or 6mm high-quality aluminum alloy according to national standards. The shape of the aluminum tanker trailer’s tank body is divided into oval or square round tanks, which can contain 1-4 kinds of oil products. Fuel tanker semi trailer can also produce heating and heat preservation series tanks

The fuel aluminum tanker trailer is composed of a tank body, power take-off, driveshaft, gear oil pump, pipe network system, and other components. The pipe network system is composed of an oil pump, three-way four-position ball valve, two-way ball valve, a strainer, and pipeline.
An aluminum tanker trailer is generally used in countries with limited weight. If the weight of the tank is reduced, the weight of the load can be increased.

capacity:30,000L/40,000L/42,000L/45,000L/46,000L/50,000L/54,000L or customized

2. Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer Display

fuel tank
2 Axles Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer
3 Axles Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer
4 axles fuel tanker trailer
4 Axles Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer

3. Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer specs,capacity,dimension

Dimension 11.6×2.5×3.75m
Payload Max.50T
Tare weight About 7.0T
Tanker material AL 5182
Main beam Q345B carbon steel
Axle 3 axles, FUWA / BPW brand
Landing Gear JOST /SAF / FUWA brand
King Pin 2.00 or 3.5 inch bolt-in king pin
Suspension Air bag or Spring
Leaf Spring 90mm(W)*16mm(T)*10Layer
Tire 12R22.5, 13R22.5,  12.00R20, 315/80R22.5, 385/65R22.5 optional
Accessories One standard tool box

We can make customized production according to your needs

4. Advantages of Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer

Carbon steel tankers are easily corroded when loaded with gasoline and diesel. The inside of the tank is prone to rust, which causes the oil to be contaminated, which in turn leads to early wear and tear of the vehicle engine, which greatly reduces the service life of the engine.

The use of aluminum tanker trailer can not only greatly reduce the vehicle’s own weight and improve transportation efficiency, but also has a long service life, which is 5-10 years longer than that of steel tanker. During the entire life cycle, the profits created are very considerable.

Lightweight car body, more economical and practical

  • The density of aluminum alloy is small, and the large cross-section beam is extruded at one time, and the strength is high. Lighter than similar steel tankers
  • More than 4 tons, 20% more than steel tankers. As the aluminum tanker trailer is lighter than the carbon steel tanker,
  • It reduces fuel consumption and tire wear during transportation, thereby reducing daily operating costs and maintenance costs. By reducing the weight of the vehicle body and increasing the payload, transporting the same amount of goods can reduce the number of shifts in the vehicle.
oil tanker trailer
42,000L Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer

Strong corrosion resistance, improve the service life

  • The fuel consumption and pollutant emissions of the car also mean that it is environmentally friendly because the exhaust contains a large amount of carbon dioxide, which is a major source of pollution to the environment, so the application of aluminum alloy materials contributes to environmental protection

Environmentally friendly Aluminum tanker trailer 

  • Aluminum alloy and most chemical media and food such as acetone, benzene, gasoline and diesel, kerosene, glacial acetic acid, etc.
  • The product has good compatibility, and the transportation range is wider than that of the cross-border; low related maintenance cost, no anti-corrosion surface metal treatment is required, the body will not rust when scratched, the appearance is durable, and it is easy to clean. 15-20 years is the typical service life of 3 axle aluminum tanker trailer.
  • According to the statistics of the user experience of American HEIL company in the global market for decades of sales customers, the average life of the aluminum tanker trailer is about 10 years, depending on the customer’s use and maintenance status. The longest service life of the aluminum tanker semi trailer has reached 40 years.
50,000 liters aluminium fuel tanker trailer

Recyclable and high recovery rate

  • Aluminum has a very high recycling value. A tank made of 5t finished aluminum will be reported to the tanker.
  • At the time of waste, according to the current price of aluminum in the international market, the recovery of the can body alone will cost about 80,000 yuan. This virtually saves the company’s operating costs.

Good ductility, improve safety and eliminate hidden dangers

  • The tank body is made of aluminum alloy profile, which has good elongation rate and high strength. Oil is flammable and explosive
  • Therefore, safety is an important indicator for considering tank trucks. Oil products are prone to thermal expansion and contraction in extremely cold or extremely hot conditions. Ordinary tank trucks have poor ductility and easily explode in this environment. The use of 45000 litersaluminum fuel tanker trailer greatly improves safety.

Aluminum alloy has good electrical conductivity

  • effectively reducing the accumulation of static electricity on the tank. When hair No sparks will be generated during collision or tipping, eliminating the hidden danger of fire or explosion.
45,000L Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer
  • FUDENG fuel tank trailer have 20 years of production experience optimization, low price, good quality and strong practicability.
  • The unique details of the roll tanker, machine welding, it is not easy to oil and crack when rolled up.
  • And the carbon steel tank is supported by a square box, which has a better support effect.
  • There is a safe valve at the bottom of the tank. Both the discharge valve and the pneumatic valve must be opened to discharge the oil. It is a safety device for the tanker to ensure the safety of people and trailers.
  • The pipelines of the safe valve are fixed by bolts, which are stronger than those fixed by welding. For example, bumpers and toolboxes are all reinforced with bolts to deal with bad road conditions in Africa.
  • The discharge valve box has good sealing performance, which not only prevents dust but also prevents the inside of the box from being too dirty or polluting the valve port.
  • The manhole cover on the top of the tank is designed in accordance with the European standard. When there is oil in the tank body, first open the exhaust valve on the top of the tank for exhaust, and then open the manhole cover.
  • In order to ensure the safety of personnel when climbing the tanker,FUDENG fuel tank semi trailer is equipped with climbing ladders at the front and rear of the tank. The upper part of the tank is equipped with folding handrails and non-slip human-shaped walkways.
  • Each fuel tank semi trailer is equipped with an anti-static ruler to increase the safety of the vehicle.
  • The discharging valve adopts API valve, which can not only inject oil at the bottom of the tank, but also unload oil. The valve port has a cover to prevent the valve port from being polluted.
  • The discharging valve adopts API valve, which can not only inject oil at the bottom of the tank, but also unload oil. The valve port has a cover to prevent the valve port from being polluted.

5. Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer Details

fuel tanker

Bottom Safety Valves
Each compartment with one emergency cut off bottom safety valve, and keep the fuel oil keep in the compartment if fuel tanker trailer turn over by accident during driving.

fuel tanker

API Offloading Valves
Each compartment with one API offloading and bottom loading valve. Also can choose to connect the valves together with one API and one normal ball valve.

fuel tanker suspension

Air suspension is also an option

fuel tanker manhole

Antislip Walkway &Manholes
Each compartment with one Euro standard manhole, high standard. And with antiskip walkway as well as folding armrest. The armrest can also design to cover hide inside of the tanker body upper.


The ladder,it’s reinforced and non-skid ,very safe,can be installed on the front or back of the tank

Anti-skid human walkway

Anti-skid human walkway and fold armrest.With this protection, it is very safe to walk on top of the tank and to open the Manhole cover.

6. Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer Videos

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