Refrigerated truck

Refrigerated truck

HOWO Refrigerated truck

Refrigerator truck is a closed-type van used to transport frozen or fresh-keeping goods. ), dairy products (dairy transporter), vegetables and fruits (fresh goods transporter), vaccine drugs (vaccine transporter), etc.

The refrigerated truck is composed of the walking part of the special vehicle chassis, the thermal insulation box (generally composed of polyurethane material, glass fiber reinforced plastic, color steel plate, stainless steel, etc.), the refrigeration unit, the temperature recorder of the refrigerated truck in the compartment and other components. Vehicles, such as meat hook trucks, can be equipped with optional parts such as meat hooks, waistbands, aluminum alloy guide rails, and ventilation slots.

Refrigerated truck

How to properly operate a refrigerated truck

The goods must be stacked on double-sided pallets; the pallets of fresh-keeping goods cannot be covered with plastic film, the film will block the circulation of circulating cold air to the goods; the floor under the goods cannot be blocked.

The general refrigerated truck floor is a ventilated aluminum rail floor; however, some refrigerated trucks do not have aluminum rails and use a flat non-slip floor. Usually used as a third-party transportation company or enterprise transportation vehicle for dairy products, a flat non-slip floor is used, which is suitable for the transportation of various products, or to facilitate the cleaning of the floor. But you must pay attention when loading, you must use double-sided pallets for loading to ensure the circulation of cold air on the ground. It is strictly forbidden to stack the goods directly on the flat floor.

Do not stack cargo in front of the evaporator outlet, otherwise it will block the cold air flow; blockages above the cargo can cause a short circuit of the cold air flow. Maintain a minimum distance of 225mm between the top of the cargo and the roof.
When loading, do not stack the goods too high, and make sure that the loading height is not higher than the plane height of the air outlet. If the front of the air outlet is blocked by the goods or too close to the goods, it will not only affect the storage and transportation temperature of the goods, but also affect the normal operation of the refrigeration unit.
Because the air outlet is blocked by the cargo, the cold air (or hot air) cannot be circulated in the car normally, which increases the local temperature of the cargo.
On the other hand, due to the defrosting design of refrigeration units, some use air induction defrosting. When the cargo is too close to the air outlet, the coil in the evaporator of the unit will quickly freeze (or ice), the air sensor switch will act immediately, and the unit will quickly enter the defrosting state; when the coil temperature rises to 9 degrees (design temperature) left or right, the defrost ends immediately. As a result, the above-mentioned operation of the unit will occur cyclically, resulting in the phenomenon that the temperature in the car cannot be lowered.

Refrigerated truck

The interior of the cabin must be kept clean; there should be no wrapping paper and paper scraps left on the floor; debris can block air flow or be sucked in by the evaporator.
When using a refrigerated truck, the interior of the compartment should be kept clean. Due to the effect of the evaporator fan, air circulates in the cabin, causing chips or dirt on the ground to be sucked in by the evaporator fan. For a long time, a large amount of impurities will be sucked into the evaporator coil, thus affecting the cooling effect of the refrigeration unit. Because the coil will be surrounded by impurities little by little, the heat exchange rate of the coil will decrease. Therefore, after using the refrigerated truck for a few years, everyone will feel that the cooling effect is not as good as the beginning. In addition to the reason for its own failure, it is because the coil is too dirty. Therefore, ensuring the cleanliness of the ground in the compartment is the key to ensuring the normal operation of the refrigeration unit.

Proper handling; freezers should be turned off when doors are open; door opening times should be kept as short as possible; strip curtains should be used whenever possible when loading and unloading. Use dividers to separate dry goods (empty baskets) from perishables.
In order to ensure the temperature of the cargo in the compartment, it is recommended to use a strip curtain for the delivery vehicles in the city to ensure that the air-conditioning in the compartment will not be quickly dissipated when the cargo is unloaded quickly (when the refrigeration unit is not turned off).
Goods with different temperatures are strictly prohibited to be stored in the same compartment. They should be separated by partitions. Since the freezer is used to maintain the temperature of the goods, not to cool them down, the mixing of goods with different temperatures will affect the temperature of the goods and affect the quality of the goods.

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