The howo truck air filter

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The HOWO Truck Air Filter

The air filter, that is, the air filter , is composed of two parts: the filter element and the casing. The filter element is the main accessory, which plays the role of gas filtration, and the casing is the shell that provides protection for the filter element. The main function of the air filter is to filter the air entering the engine and purify the air quality.
The air contains a lot of impurities, such as dust, sand, etc. If it enters the engine chamber directly without purification treatment, it will accelerate the wear of the engine, and even cause the phenomenon of “pulling the cylinder”. The air that enters the engine after being filtered by the air filter is relatively clean, which can delay the occurrence of these problems.

As a filter device, the howo truck air filter is inconspicuous compared to the engine, gearbox and other accessories, but it has a very light status. Without being filtered by the air filter, the natural air directly enters the engine studio, which will cause the engine to wear out. If the air filter is not maintained for a long time, the filter element will be covered with dust, which will hinder the air circulation and make the engine work abnormally.
The howo truck air filter is seriously blocked, which will increase the air intake resistance, resulting in a decrease in the power of the engine. At the same time, due to the increase in air resistance, the fuel consumption of the engine will also increase, which will deteriorate the running state of the engine and increase the fuel consumption. Friends also need to maintain and maintain the howo truck filter element of the air filter.

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Since the role of the howo truck air filter is so important, and if it is not maintained and maintained in time, it will also cause problems such as increased engine fuel consumption and reduced engine power, so can the filter element be replaced frequently? So that the engine can always be in the best working state? The answer is no.

In addition to filtering the air, the howo truck air filter is also responsible for the intake air volume required for the engine to work. Inferior filter elements, in order to reduce the cost, the quality of the materials used will be relatively poor, which will cause the intake air volume to be too large or too small, and even fail to achieve the filtering effect, which will directly lead to abnormal wear and tear of the engine.

So what about frequent replacement of standard air filters? In order to play a good filtering role in the air filter element, there will be a large number of irregular gaps on the surface of the filter paper, but dust, sand, etc. are also large and small, and it is impossible to become completely pure air after being filtered by the filter element. Contains some impurities.

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In order to distinguish the filtration degree of the filter element, the concept of “initial interception efficiency” is introduced, which is usually expressed as a percentage . If the initial interception efficiency is 99.95%, it means that the filter element can filter out 99.95% of the impurities in the air during the initial operation, while 0.05% of the impurities cannot be filtered out, which will enter the engine with the filtered air.

Corresponding to the initial interception efficiency, there is also a “full life efficiency”, which is also represented by a percentage (%). With the use of the filter, the dust accumulated on the surface of the filter paper will gradually increase, which will block some of the gaps between the fibers of the filter paper, which means that the pores between the fibers become smaller, and the interception efficiency of the filter element is compared with the initial state instead rise

So which interception efficiency is more advantageous, the initial interception efficiency and the full-life efficiency? Truck Home has done an experiment. The initial interception efficiency of a certain air filter can reach 99.81%, while its full-life efficiency can reach 99.98%. Comparing the two filtering effects, the difference is about 9.5 times.
That is to say, if the air entering the engine with a new air filter will contain 9.5 times more impurities than the air entering the engine with the old air filter. We have learned before that the increase in air impurities entering the engine will cause harm to the engine, so this is also the reason why the air filter element cannot be replaced frequently