4 axles 80 ton lowbed trailer

4axels 80ton low bed trailer

4 axles 80 ton lowbed trailer

Rwanda has commissioned a 4 axles 80 ton lowbed trailer. This customer bought his first low-chassis semi from Fordun. The customer found our product on Alibaba and left an inquiry on the site. After that, our sales staff contacted the customer by phone.
After inquiring about the customer’s purchase intentions, the salesperson asks for his E-mail address. The customer confirmed the purchased product and its size, configuration, etc., and immediately paid the deposit. After receiving the order, the factory completed the 4-axle low-lying semi-trailer as soon as possible, and the customer paid the balance immediately after seeing the picture of the vehicle. Be ready for shipment.

4 axles 80ton low bed trailer
FUDENG 4axles lowbed trailer:https://chinatrucktrailergroup.com/portfolio-item/high-quality-4-axles-low-deck-semi-trailer/

Heavy Vehicles: Vehicle manufacturers use 4 axles 80 ton lowbed trailer to transport heavy vehicles from one showroom to another. Transporters are used to transport vehicles from ports to showrooms and sometimes to customers.

Some construction equipment and blocks cannot be transported by ordinary semi-trailers. A 4 axles 80 ton lowbed trailer is used to transport concrete blocks to construction sites.

Construction: 4 axles 80 ton lowbed trailer is also used in the construction industry. Heavy-duty 4 axles 80 ton lowbed trailers are commonly used in road and bridge construction.

4 axle 80 ton lowbed trailer is preferred due to the construction of mining machinery. Mining equipment is probably the heaviest cargo that machinery manufacturers transport on roads.

Windmill parts: Windmill parts are usually assembled in the factory and shipped to the site. Like other heavy cargo, the components are wide and heavy.

Due to its design and construction, these components cannot be mounted on enclosed trailers. Lowboy trailers are an efficient way to transport these components to their site.

Mining machinery: Mining requires heavy machinery to drill and transport materials, including crude oil and minerals. Machines are assembled off-site and transported to the mine using low-bed trailers.

Road carrying capacity

The load tonnage of bulk transportation is generally large, and the roads and Bridges that need to cross the ground and carry large loads should have sufficient carrying capacity. Therefore, roads and Bridges need to be analyzed and inspected. If the strength does not meet the requirements, it is bound to cause instability of the truck and cargo system, resulting in safety accidents.

4 axles 80 ton lowbed trailer maintain

Horizontal and vertical capacity

The transverse slope and longitudinal slope of highway have great influence on the force system of transport vehicles and goods. As can be seen from the previous vehicle stability analysis, if the goods are lashed in a certain way, if the maximum lateral and longitudinal tilt Angle exceeds the allowable Angle, the stability of the transport vehicle will be damaged, that is to say, the transport 4 axles 80 ton lowbed trailer cannot pass such a steep road.

Heavy-duty low-load trailer transportation because of its super long, super wide, super high characteristics, determines that it is different from ordinary vehicles in the transportation process, especially in terms of passability, strength, clearance, technology and other aspects, Bridges and tunnels along the way. Conditions have special requirements

Tire inspection

Check the tire pressure monthly and re-inflate if the pressure is below standard. Pressure can not be too high, otherwise it will affect driving safety. If the tire has a crack, it should be replaced accordingly

Battery maintenance

Check whether the battery is fixed, the battery liquid must be in the middle position; If liquid is insufficient, please add electrolyte or distilled water; Positive and negative residual contact is good; Keep the battery dry and clean; 100 tons low bed semi-trailer for long-term storage, please remove the electrode; If the battery is low, please charge the battery. Long-term storage; Avoid sunshine and humidity; The storeroom has ventilation and fire fighting equipment; Regular maintenance according to instructions; Rust prevention treatment before long-term storage.

4axels 80ton low bed trailer
FUDENG 100ton lowbed trailer