Tri Axle Drop Side Trailer

Tri Axle Drop Side Trailer

Tri Axle Drop Side Trailer

Features of drop side trailer for sale:

1. Modular design, intelligent manufacturing

The three-axle suspension trailers sold use advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment such as finite element analysis, modular design, laser cutting machines, and robotic welding. From the design source to product processing and manufacturing, the entire process is strictly required to ensure that each wall-mounted trailer is delivered. to customers.

2. High quality material

The three-axle drop side trailers for sale are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials and the latest production technology to ensure its strength. The structure consists of one-piece high-quality steel main beams, solid floors with sidewall frames, etc. Whether you are loading cement, steel, any building materials, etc.

Tri Axle Drop Side Trailer

3. Pay more attention to safety and energy saving

The three-axle drop side trailers sold use internationally renowned brands, which have a long service life and are durable.

The guide arm can choose double leaf spring and single leaf spring. Optimized single-blade guide arm structure, lightweight design, the three bridges reduce the weight of more than 200 kilograms, with good guidance and super reliability and stability.

Imported brake pads, implanted wear alarm device. Effectively ensure the braking performance of the three-axle undertrailer during operation.

The overall coating has no dead corners, and the coating is more uniform during automated production. The inside of the box body and the side cabinet are all painted, which is rust-proof and durable.

The brake disc contains alloy elements, which are resistant to cracking, wear and high temperature. 200,000 kilometers long warranty, maintenance-free, brake life of up to 10 years and 1.5 million kilometers. High-precision bearings, long life.

The inner and outer steel structure is adopted, and the middle vulcanized rubber is used to design the structure, which has a stronger bearing capacity and a more stable vehicle. Reduce tire wear and fuel consumption. Under the same road conditions and load conditions, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers can be reduced by more than 1.2 liters.

Tri Axle Drop Side Trailer

Grain transport trailers are used throughout the grain and harvesting industry to load and transport grain across the country. However, you may need to use several styles of hopper trailers. These hopper trailers can be used for many different purposes, and even if you don’t work in agriculture, you may need to use a grain haul trailer. If you need grain transport, we recommend a grain transport trailer.

Grain haul trailers may have one or two hoppers on the bottom. When you fill the trailer with grain, it feeds the grain through the hopper at the bottom. Grain can be poured from a large tap, and the trailer has a lid to prevent damage to the product inside.

You can carry any grain in your grain haul trailer and it will easily fall out of the hopper. If you are only supposed to deliver a certain quantity, you can always close the hopper and the hatch can be locked in place.