Use and operation of China semi trailer

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Use And Operation of China Semi Trailer

1.Connection between semi-trailer and tractor

A. In order to make the traction pin and traction seat connect smoothly, the china semi trailer wheel should be plugged with cushion wood first.

B. It is advisable to lift the support leg so that the center position of the traction pin seat plate of the semi-trailer is about 10mm- 30mm lower than that of the traction seat of the tractor, as shown in the figure. Otherwise, sometimes not only can not be connected, but also damage the traction seat, traction pin and related parts.

C. Pull the unlocking lever of the traction seat on the traction vehicle and open the traction locking mechanism.

D. Reverse the tractor to make the china semi trailer traction pin open through the v-shaped opening of the traction seat to guide the locking mechanism and push the locking block to rotate and lock the traction pin (hear the sound of “click”, see the lock rod back).

china semi trailer

When the tractor is backward, the center line of the tractor and the china semi trailer should be consistent. Generally, the offset of the two centerlines is limited to less than 40mm, and the Angle between the two centerlines is limited to 5 when the two centerlines are fully loaded. Within, limited to 7 when empty. Inside

E. Connect the gas circuit (connect the gas supply pipeline joint of the tractor to the gas supply pipeline joint of the semi-trailer, draw bow [the control pipeline joint of the vehicle is connected to the control pipeline joint of the semi-trailer), open the gas connection separation switch of the semi-trailer on the tractor.

F. Connect the circuit and insert the wire connection plug of the tractor into the wire connection socket of the semi-trailer.

G, correctly operate the lifting leg to retracted, then pull down the rocker handle and hang on the hook.

H, remove the mat under the wheel.


A. Whether the tire pressure of tractor and semi-trailer is A specified value.

B. The air pressure of the spare tire, and whether it is properly installed on the spare tire rack, and whether the nut is locked.

C. Start the engine and observe the barometer in the cockpit until the pressure rises to above 0.6mpa.

D. Push the handbrake of the tractor, you can hear the sound of obvious and rapid deflating, see the push rod of the brake air chamber retract, release the parking brake.

E, check whether there is air leakage, brake system is working normally. Check whether the lamps and lanterns in the circuit work normally and whether the wire joints are well combined.

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3.Separate semi-trailer

Flat solid ground should be selected as far as possible to separate semi trailer and tractor. If the foundation is soft or the asphalt pavement is separated in summer, a thick wooden block should be placed under the base of the lifting leg to prevent the failure to reconnect due to weight sinking.

B. Pull the handbrake of the tractor to make the brake brake safely.

Close the separation switch of the semi-trailer air connection on the tractor, and then remove the tractor air connection from the semi-trailer.

D. Unplug the cable connection plug of the semi-trailer.

E. Operate the lifting leg to make the base of the lifting leg land on the ground, and then change the low speed gear to lift some clearance of the semi-trailer in order to exit the tractor.

F. Pull out the traction seat to unlock the pull rod and open the lock block.

G. Pull out the tractor slowly forward to separate the traction pin from the traction seat to separate the semi-trailer and the tractor.

H. Check whether there is any abnormality in each part of the semi-trailer after separation, and unscrew the water discharge valve at the bottom of the air storage cylinder to discharge the water in the cylinder.

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