Flat bed trailer handling bulk cargo

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Flat bed trailer handling bulk cargo

1.Flat bed trailer handling of bulk cargo

When loading and unloading bulk goods by flat bed trailer, it should be piled up reasonably according to the weight and packing condition of the goods, and tied firmly. Special attention should be paid to the following points:
A. Heavy goods are placed on the lower level and in the middle. Light cargo is placed on top, position. So that the center of mass of the load is close.
B. When loading large rocks, rolled plates and other objects, they should be placed according to the requirements of the drawing, otherwise the semi-trailer is prone to bend at its amplitude range.
C. Block the goods with baffle, side rail or side pile.
D. Pay attention to the loading and unloading sequence. For general goods, they should be loaded from the front of the flat bed trailer to the rear, and unloaded from the rear to the front. For large stones, coils and other goods should be first loaded from the middle of the semi-trailer and finally loaded the head and tail two pieces, unloading according to the oppo

flatbed semi trailer
3 axels 40ft flatbed trailer

2.Flat bed trailer Loading Containers

Container transport flat bed trailer and flat bed trailer loading container, should be used to turn the lock head to the lock seat completely overlapping position and fixed, and then put the container on the semi trailer correctly, and then turn the lock handle, so that the lock head and lock seat vertical container lock. Before unloading the container, fasten the twistlock to the position where the lock head overlaps with the lock seat. Ensure that the container is not locked before unloading it.

2.Loading and Unloading large Cargo

Container flat bed trailer and flat bed trailer can load long bulky goods, such as rod, plate, etc. When the container semi-trailer is loaded with such goods, it must be placed within the frame girder or in the center of the small platform, bound and fixed with binding tape, iron wire or steel wire rope, and can be run after confirmation. Driving should be observed frequently, pay attention to the change of lashing.
Before unloading the full-length cargo, check the stacking and binding of the cargo to ensure that no security problem occurs, and then remove the binding and unload the cargo carefully.

flatbed semi trailer
3 axles 40ft flat bed semi trailer

3.Low flat bed semi truck carrying goods

Low flat bed trailer is mainly used to load excavators, bulldozers, rollers and other engineering machinery can also load large components or bulk cargo. Loading large components or bulk cargo is the same as the operation of flatbed semi-trailers.
A, choose the right location to park, pull the handbrake.
B. Loosen the fixing bolt of climbing ladder (springboard) and pull down the climbing ladder (springboard).
C. Direct the construction machinery vehicles to drive slowly and steadily up the ladder and into the carrying platform, and ensure that the parking position of the loaded vehicles is basically the same as the distance between the two sides of the semi-trailer. Plug the wheels of a loaded vehicle with triangular logs.
D. Turn the bucket of the excavator to the rear of the car and land on the supporting plate of the bucket.
E. Remove the residual mud on the climbing ladder (springboard).
F. Raise the climbing ladder (springboard) and fix it with bolts.
According to the road condition of the route, bind the machine with nylon belt if necessar

4.Steps for unloading construction machinery

A, choose the right location to park, pull the handbrake.
B. Loosen the fixing bolt of climbing ladder (springboard) and pull down the climbing ladder (springboard). Untie the nylon strap and remove the triangle wood.
C. Direct the loaded construction machinery vehicles to climb the ladder slowly and steadily and to the ground.
Precautions for loading construction machinery vehicles
A. Loading and unloading on hard and flat roads as far as possible.
B. The loading position is as close as possible to the centroid position shown on the semi-trailer.
C. When two construction machines need to be loaded, a support should be added to the rear of the rear frame to avoid rear tire burst.

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