What are tipper truck made of

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What are tipper truck made of

Generally speaking, a tipper truck consists of four parts: power system, chassis, body and accessories, electrical and electronic system.

Powertrain includes engine and transmission.An engine is a part that generates power when fuel is burned in transit.Is the heart of the tipper truck, his quality level directly affects the vehicle level.Gearbox is a device that accepts the power of the engine and outputs it thro.The chassis is built to receive the power of the engine, is the tipper trailer’s movement and follows the driver’s control of the two normal driving steps.It includes transmission system, form system, steering system and braking system.

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The transmission system of tipper truck

The driveline is composed of clutch, gearbox, drive shaft, and main reductionDevice and differential, half shaft and other components.The drive axle is mainly composed of the main reducer, differential, half shaft, axle housing and brake components, etc. Other main functions: the torque transmitted from the drive shaft is transmitted to the wheels after reducing speed and increasing torque;Change the direction of torque;When the inner and outer wheels turn, different speeds can be achieved.

Driving systems of dump truck

Make the tipper truck assembly and parts installed in the appropriate location, to support the effect to the whole tipper truck, to ensure that the dump truck moving.It includes vice frame (connection beam assembly), front suspension, front and rear suspension, the rear wheels, etc.

The braking system of trucks

To make dump truck to slow down or stop, and can ensure the driver left the trucks is parked.It includes the front and back brake, control device (such as ABS controller), the power device (vacuum booster) and gear (brake line, cable, etc.)

Steering system of tipper trucks

Steering system is used to change the tipper trucks driving direction and keep the truck straight, it consists of steering control unit, power steering gear, steering wheel and steering device.

Body and accessories of howo trucks

In general, the body including white body and its accessories, white body here refers to the structure and covering parts of tipper truck body welding assembly (including the door), body accessories including inside and outside decoration, such as the radiator mask, bumper, instrument panel, roof, wall, curtain and carpet, etc.;Include all kinds of tipper truck accessories, such as seats, sleeper, locks, sun visor, rear view mirror and seat belts, and so on.

Electrical and electronic systems

The system includes the tipper truck instrument, all the lighting system, signal device, anti-theft devices, storage battery, the wind window wiper and wind window washer, air conditioning system, and so on

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