What is Tipping Trailer

tipping trailer

What is Tipping Trailer?

What is Tipping Trailer?

A tipping trailer is a large trailer that is usually raised in a selected position during the dump hall. It is similar to the trailer of a dump truck and is used as a synonym for the same thing.
The tipping trailer will help you carry and unload bulk cargo in a very easy and efficient manner.
With dump trailers, they are suitable for construction, agriculture, and many other areas of the recycling industry. They come in different shapes and types.
There are two types of dump trailers: rear dump trailers and side dump trailers.

tipping trailer
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tipping trailer
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Tipping trailer is also called dump semi trailer, tipper trailer. Tipping semi trailer is suitable for coal, ore, earthwork, building materials and other bulk cargo transport. As a professional trailer manufacturer we offer 25-45cbm, 2-6 axle tipper trailer

What is a tipper trailer used for?

Tipping trailer is suitable for coal, ore, building materials and other bulk cargo transport.

Dump semi trailer can be divided into two categories according to the purpose: one is used for off-road transportation of heavy and super heavy. It is mainly used for large-scale mining and engineering transportation tasks, usually used with excavators; The other is light, medium common for road transport, transport sand, soil, coal and other loose goods. It is usually used in conjunction with the loader.

tipping trailer

How to use a dump trailer?

1. The dump box can be a rear tipping trailer or a side dump. It can effectively improve transportation efficiency.

2. The chassis and beam of the tipping box are made of high quality manganese steel plate. Boxes can be u-shaped or rectangular in shape. Our dump trailer has the following advantages: high strength, strong lifting force, good rigidity and toughness, strong carrying capacity, will not be permanently deformed.

3. Excellent production technology: the main parts are produced by advanced equipment, the longitudinal beam is welded by automatic submerged arc welding machine, and the wheels, axles and leaf springs are assembled accurately.

tipping trailer

FUDENG Tipping Trailer Advantage

  •  Best drive characteristics through low center of gravity and innovative operation device
  • Optimize the payload with low tare
  •  High working speed through high performance hydraulic
  • Long service life with low wear MEILLER
  • FUDENG tipping trailer body shape in a corner or circle
  •  Robust and payload-Optimized.
  • Especially suitable for short routes and frequent tipping occasions.
  •  Designed for grinding block materials such as gravel, rock, concrete crushed stone and aggregate.
  • Optimized power transmission on the new chassis frame minimizes crack formation.
  • ailor-made blanks: strengthen the rear third of the bodywork floor because of higher abrasive wear.