Container truck trailer

container truck trailer

Container Truck Trailer

Special transport vehicle for carrying containers. In the early stage of the development of container truck trailer, due to the small load capacity and small quantity of containers, ordinary trucks were often used for transportation. Since the 1960s, with the rapid development of container transportation, various countries have successively developed automobiles specially designed to transport containers. The size of the loading part of the container truck trailer is determined according to the size of the standard container, and a twist-lock device for fixing the container is provided at the position corresponding to the four corners of the bottom of the container.

container truck trailer

Container truck trailer usually take the form of a combination of car trains. This combination includes semi-trailer, full-trailer and double-trailer, among which semitrailer car trains are mostly.

There are two types of semi trailers that make up the container truck trailer, the flatbed trailer and the skeleton trailer. The loading part of the flatbed semi-trailer is a flatbed, which can be used for shipping containers, and can also be used for shipping ordinary long-sized goods, and the use efficiency of the vehicle is high. The loading part of the skeleton semi-trailer is the chassis frame without the cargo platform. After the container is loaded on the vehicle and fixed by the twist lock device, it also becomes the strength member of the semi-trailer. Skeleton semi-trailers can only be used exclusively for shipping containers. It has the advantages of small weight, simple structure and convenient maintenance.

According to the structure, container semi-trailers are divided into two types: straight frame type and gooseneck type. Straight frame semi-trailer is suitable for shipping containers with flat bottom structure; gooseneck semi-trailer is specially used for shipping containers with groove bottom structure, which can reduce the loading height

container truck trailer

A container truck trailer device is installed on the frame, which can load two standard containers of 40 feet and 20 feet. The four container shrinking devices at the front and rear ends are of a fixed structure, and the middle container shrinking device is a concealable structure.

When loading containers, the intermediate container locking device can be lowered below the level of the cargo platform as required. Its function is to support the ground and bear the front load of the3 axle 40ft skeleton trailer when the traction device is disengaged from the trailer.

There are two types of supporting devices, single-acting type and linkage-type, which are mainly composed of a supporting plate, a screw drive mechanism, a reduction box, and a joystick. There are three types of suspension devices: single-axle suspension and double-axle suspension and three-axle suspension.

The semi trailer is equipped with two spare tire frames, which are installed on the left and right sides of the trailer frame respectively, and are equipped with a spare tire lifter.