HOWO Tractor Summer Driving Guide

HOWO Tractor Summer Driving Guide

HOWO Tractor Summer Driving Guide

In summer, the weather is not only hot, but also rainstorms, hail, typhoons and other situations occur from time to time. Under the influence of bad weather, the risk factor of driving HOWO tractor increases, which is very easy to cause traffic accidents. Therefore, in extremely bad weather, drivers and friends must be more careful when driving.

HOWO Tractor Summer Driving Guide

Driving HOWO tractor in hot weather

In hot weather, if the HOWO tractor is exposed to the sun for a long time, the windows should be opened for ventilation first, and then the air conditioner should be turned on after the hot air is emitted. The air conditioner should be turned off before the vehicle stalls.

In order to protect the compressor, the minimum time interval between two starts of the compressor is 3 minutes, and the minimum operation time of each start of the compressor is 2 minutes.

Do not turn on and off the air conditioner frequently, and turn on the air conditioner compressor no more than 10 times per hour;

Clean the air conditioning filter screen, condenser core and dust screen regularly.

HOWO Tractor Summer Driving Guide

Driving HOWO tractor in rainstorm weather

When driving a 6×4 HOWO tractor, in case of heavy rainfall and blocked driving vision, it is necessary to turn on the fog lights in time in order to enhance the visibility of your vehicle.

In addition, the road is wet and slippery in rainy days. When driving, you should reduce the driving speed appropriately and increase the distance from the car in front. If you encounter a waterlogged road section, you can’t clearly judge the road condition. You must judge carefully before deciding whether to wade through. When you have to wade, you should also use the low gear to pass at a uniform speed. It is forbidden to brake in an emergency, step on the accelerator sharply and hit the direction sharply when driving on a rainy Road, so as to prevent the 420HP HOWO tractor from side sliding and tail flicking, and slow down on a wet road.

If the HOWO tractor stalls in the water, do not start it again until the maintenance personnel make a judgment.

Keep the mirror surface of the rearview mirror clean at any time. When the line of sight is poor, please turn on the fog lamp in advance. In case of fog, you can adjust the air conditioning temperature to the lowest and the wind speed to the maximum, which can quickly remove the fog.

HOWO Tractor Summer Driving Guide

Hail weather

Although the radian of the windscreen of HOWO tractor can disperse the hitting force of Hail to a certain extent, it cannot withstand the high-frequency and intensive strike of hail. Hail particles are too large, which will seriously affect the line of sight.

Therefore, if you encounter hail during driving, you must maintain a high concentration, do a good job in predictive driving, and then drive into the service area as soon as possible to avoid hail.

Typhoon weather

HOWO tractor has a large model and a large wind area. Therefore, in case of strong winds and typhoons, first, the loaded goods should be trapped firmly to avoid being scattered and falling by the wind.

Second, don’t rush to the direction and brake, so as to avoid the vehicle skidding and tail flicking. In addition, the typhoon is so powerful that it can overturn the whole vehicle, so at the critical moment, you should first save your life and stop in a safe place in time, and be careful not to stop in low-lying terrain to avoid ponding.

HOWO Tractor Summer Driving Guide

When you encounter extreme weather when driving a HOWO tractor, you must actively and scientifically deal with it, don’t take chances, and make a good judgment in time to avoid accidents.