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3 Axle Double Tire Flatbed Container Trailer With Head Board

Place Of Origin: Shandong , China
Use of Condition: Brand New
Suspension: Leaf Spring / Airbag
Tire: 12R22.5 Double tires or custom requested
Fitted Tractor Truck: 4x2 ; 6x2; 6x4; 6x6
Inquiry Email: sales@fudengtrailer.com Phone / Whatsapp : +86 18678652358

Product Description

This blue one 3 axle leaf spring suspension flatbed trailer build with 60-70 tons max payload for Malawi customer. The customer doing steel bars importing business for long time. At first their company rent the truck and trailer to carry the container and steel pipes from port to their place or to the end user place. Along with their business growing rapidly, more needs of truck and trailer appears, they decide to buy their own truck and trailer to satisfy the demand. The customer comes visit China many tims because of the business, During the inquiry and discuss process, our worker helped the customer provided perfected solution to satisfy his specific request. The customer not only use the flatbed trailer to transport containers, but also the bulk steel bars, we reinforce the leaf spring for the trailer, and use heavy duty axle for the customer. As well as we advise customer to add front board to help provide steel bars from moving to the front when do breaks. After about 2 days confirmation, all specifications and price is good for customer, the deal is closed as well.
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