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40 000 Liter Petrol Tankers For Sale

Aluminium petrol tankers lighter body with 7 tons tare weight
Round or oblate petrol tanker body customized
Airbag suspension and leaf spring suspension available
Every compartment with safety valve prevent oil leakage
Carbon steel petrol tankers and stainless steel tankers optional
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Product Description

40 000 liters petrol tankers for sale also have name of petrol tanker trailer fuel tanker semi trailer fuel tankers trailer fuel tanker truck. FUDENG petrol tankers for sale fuel tankers truck used for petroleum products haulage, such as diesel, gasoline, crude oil etc petroleum tanker for sale. Petroleum diesel , gasoline etc are belong to DG cargo which is inflammable and explosive, the petrol tankers play with the key role for petroleum transportation business. Quality for petrol tankers for sale is most important for customers fortune and driver as well as people lives.
FUDENG petrol tankers truck trailer manufacture design and produce customized petrol tanker truck trailer with over 30 years experience in China and more than 10 years export experience. The petrol tankers have carbon steel petrol tanker semi trailers and aluminium petroleum tankers as well as stainless steel tanker truck trailers for sale for milk, portable water transport.
Petrol Tanker API Offloading Valves
Petrol Tanker Trailers BPW Airbag Suspension
Offloading Pipes Work Display
Petrol Tankers Bottom Safety Valves


1) FUDENG aluminium petrol tankers for sale with lighter tare weight 7.0 tons can satisfy weight limited countries petroleum haulage.

2) Petrol tanker capacity with variety options for customers, have 30 000 liters 40 000 liters 42000l 45000 liters 50,000l 55,000liter 60000 lts different capacity available petrol tankers for sale.

3) The petrol tankers tank body welding by first class robot welding machine together with experienced welding workers have good sealing performance to transport fuel oil.

4) Petrol fuel tanker body also have 3D design and water pressure test to make sure the bearing ability at best performance for petroleum fuel oil haulage to increase safety protect customers lives and money.

5) Work together with world famous spare parts brand such as BPW , FUWA, SAF, PHILLIPS, WABCO, JOST and so on brands. To make sure our fuel tanker trailers at good service on driving system.


Petrol Tanker Trailer Specifications
Dimension: 11700*2500*3800mm
Medium Fuel Oil, Petroleum, Diesel, Gasoline
Volume 30000 Liters to 60000 Liters
Fluid property Flammable and Explosive
Shape Round or oval type
Tanker Material Carbon steel or Aluminium
Compartments 1-12pcs
Manhole 1-12pcs
Bottom Valves Each compartments with one
Offloading Valves 1-10pcs, API
Main Beam Steel or Aluminium
Axles 2 3 4 Axles
Landing Gear 28Tons with two speed
Suspension Mechanical & Air suspension
Tire 12R22.5*12Pcs
Voltage: 24V
Accessories: One standard tool box, one spare tire rack, two fire extinguishers
Shipping Terms By Bulk Cargo/RORO/Flat Rack

Sea Shipping Options

Petrol Tankers Ship By Flat Rack
Petrol Tanker Trailer Ship By Bulk Cargo
Fuel Tanker Ship By RORO Ship
Fuel Tanker Trailers Ship By Container

Why can choose FUDENG?

FUDENG petrol tankers for sale petroleum tanker truck trailers have more than 1000 units export to Africa, Asia, Mid-east and South Africa over 60 countries. We can produce ADR standard petrol tanker trailers per customers request. The petrol tanker for sale already export to Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali, Ivory Coast, Guinea, D. R. Congo, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, Mauritania , the Philippines etc customers from all over the world.

The petrol tanker trailers with variety specifications for customers choice, we can produce customized capacity range from 30000 liters, 36000 liter, 40 000 liters , 42000l , 45,000 liter, 50000 liters as well as 55000l and 60,000 liters capacity tanker body. The compartments can with one compartments, 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 compartments to haul different model of fuel oil such as different grade diesel and gasoline.

FUDENG petrol tanker semi trailers qualified with ISO 9001 quality certification. You can to register in your country of purchased petrol tankers from our factory.

Our manufacture for petrol tankers for sale fuel tanker semi trailers with five large workshops and over ten production lines to produce petrol tanker trailers which can make sure our monthly production amount of petroleum petrol tankers for sale and with short lead time.