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45000 Litres Fuel Tanker Trailers

45000 Liters Fuel Tanker Trailer

Fuel Tanker: Aluminium Alloy Fuel Tanker / Carbon Steel Fuel Tanker / Stainless Steel Fuel Tanker
Capacity: 40,000L / 42,000L / 45000 Liters / 50 000L / 55 000 Litres or custom-made
Compartments: 1 / 2/ 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 12
Axles: 3 Axles / 4 Axles , FUWA / BPW / L1 / FD
Suspension: Mechanical Leaf Spring / Airbag booster
Vapor Recovery System: Optional
Liquid Meter / Flowmeter / Oil Dip Rod Optional
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Product Description

FUDENG produce 40 000 / 42 000 / 45 000 / 50 000 / 55 000 liters aluminium fuel tankers. The fuel tanker is for dangerous petroleum products transit such as gasoline , diesel , petrol etc fuel oil which need fuel tanker trailers manufacture have ability to build high quality and safe fuel tankers. FUDENG fuel tankers built by advanced equipment and have strict test procedure before fuel tanker trailer deliver to customer. Im Zambia , Zimbabwe . Mozambique , Burundi , Tanzania etc East Africa countries, customer like 40000 liter 42000 liters and 45000L as well as 50000 liters aluminium fuel tankers which weight of fuel tanker trailers are lighter than carbon steel so with the weight limit aluminum fuel tankers can load more fuel oil once time. With multiple compartments options owner can transit different type and grade fuel oil at one way , such as diesel , gasoline, petrol etc. FUDENG 45 000 liters 6 compartments fuel tanker trailers are the mostly popular fuel tankers among customers.

Fudeng fuel tankers can save owners running cost cause our fuel tankers not only with lighter dead weight but also adopt famous brand parts and with China domestic advance welding technical and patented design details. With over 20 years experience accumulate and work procedure upgrade, Fudeng already know every small step of the fuel tankers and their special details design. The fuel tankers outside may looks same but when customers use Fudeng fuel tanker trailers and compare with other factory work, they like our fuel tankers very much. Fudeng fuel tanker trailers off load speed fuel oil faster and with less remnant on each compartments, which make sure the most fuel oil was off loaded from the tanker and get the largest earnings by transit fuel oil one way.


1) FUDENG fuel tanker semi trailers adopt famous state owned steel manufacture steel raw materials which have better performance for the tanker. The aluminium fuel tanker trailers built by FUDENG with good service life term for petroleum products transport.
2) The fuel oil tanker trailers capacity can range from 30 000 liters up to 70 000 liters. The hot sale capacity are 40cbm 42cbm 45cbm 46cbm 50cbm 52cbm 54cbm 55cbm and 60cbm.
3) Compartments of fuel tankers also can custom-made with 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. One time drive can transit up to 12 types liquid products.
4) FUDENG factory work with FUWA , BPW, WABCO, JOST, SAF, JIII, L1 ect world famous spare parts brand to make sure our fuel tanker trailers not only have good and safety quality and also reduce the repair small problems to reduce clients running cost, increase fuel tanker trailers work attendance.
5) All fuel tankers before deliver to customer will do pressure and sea test.


Fuel Tanker Trailer Specifications
Dimension: 11700*2500*3800mm
Medium Fuel Oil, Petroleum, Diesel, Gasoline
Volume 30000 Liters to 60000 Liters
Fluid property Flammable and Explosive
Shape Round or oval type
Tanker Material Carbon steel or Aluminium
Compartments 1-12pcs
Manhole 1-12pcs
Bottom Valves Each compartments with one
Offloading Valves 1-10pcs, API
Main Beam Steel or Aluminium
Axles 2 3 4 Axles
Landing Gear 28Tons linkage type
Suspension Mechanical & Air suspension
Tire 385/65R22.5 , 12R22.5, 315/80R22.5
Voltage: 24V
Accessories: One standard tool box, one spare tire rack, two fire extinguishers

Why can choose FUDENG?

1) Quality always the priority. We are fuel tankers factory, have a complete set of inspection procedures for each fuel tanker trailers. Every step in the production process is responsible to the specific person in charge to ensure high production quality.

2) Lead time can be assured. Fudeng fuel tankers production under control by ourselves. For urgent orders we can arrange the urgent production for customers.

3) Fudeng fuel tanker trailers have 10 sets production line which can make sure 50 units fuel tanker can be produced daily.