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60Tons Flatbed Trailer For Sale

Place of Origin: Shandong Province, China
Brand name: Fudeng
Axle: 2/3/4 axles
Capacity: 60tons heavy duty
Color: customer optional
Usage: transport container and cargo

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Flatbed Trailer Product Description

Fudeng flatbed trailer use high strength international steel; the trailer has light weight, and ensures its anti-distortion, anti-seismic, anti-turbulence capability to meet different road bearing capacity. This is tri axle 60tons flatbed trailer for sale, we design multipurpose semi trailer depend on our customer need, it is convenient to fill and unload the goods to meet the personalized needs of customers. We design 1.2m front board, it can reduce the impact of the cargo on the front of the truck head in case of sudden braking.
Each flatbed trailers has two standard tool boxes, you can put your tools here, we designed stainless steel locked.
Our lights according to International European standard, with protection.
12pcs twist locks can load 2*20ft and 1*40ft container
10pcs stand columns are great design for bulk cargo transport