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CNHTC Sinotruk 371hp Tipper Truck

Place of Origin: Shandong Province, China
Brand name: Sinotruk Howo
Engine: 290hp, 336hp, 371hp
Capacity: 30tons or optional
Color: customer optional
Usage: transport sand and stone
Inquiry Email: [email protected] Phone / Whatsapp : +86 18678652358

CNHTC Sinotruk 371hp Tipper Truck Product Description

Look our CNHTC Sinotruk 371hp tipper truck, it can transport 30tons capacity sand and stone. Because the loading compartment can automatically tilt and unload at a certain angle, it greatly saves unloading time and labor, shortens transportation cycle, improves production efficiency and reduces transportation cost. It is a commonly used transportation special vehicle. Different transportation conditions will have different requirements for tipper truck, welcome to tell me your transport demand, then we will provide best solution for your reference.
We also have 8*4 12 wheels 371hp tipper truck on sale, it can transport 50tons heavy duty. With the same conditions, our tipper truck can be used for a longer time as we used many world famous brand spare parts and assembly.
We will design left or right hand drive system according to customer's country road transport rule limited. Superior materials and hi-tech completely make Sinotruk tipper truck present a high grade quality and longer serving life. We can offer competitive price and quality guarantee with a longer life span.