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Curtain Side Wall Trailer For Sale

Place of Origin: Shandong Province, China
Brand name: Fudeng
Axle: 2/3/4 axles
Capacity: 60tons heavy duty
Color: customer optional
Usage: transport bulk cargo

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Curtain Side Wall Trailer Product Description

The curtain side wall trailer can be opened on the left and right sides and at the back, which simplifies the process and makes the cover detachable. It is very convenient for loading and unloading of goods. With the relatively low price of the cover, the cover can reduce the production cost and strengthen the competitiveness of the market. Compared with exposed transport vehicles, it can be rainproof, dustproof, heat-proof, safe and environmentally friendly. It is an all-weather transport semi trailer. Therefore, the curtain side wall trailer is the upgrading model of the side wall trailer and fence cargo trailer, and is the product of the technical progress of the trailer product and the modernization of logistics equipment.
A large part of the cost of the curtain side wall trailer is spent on the curtain, which is also its biggest wear and tear. Through the years of wind and sunshine, the curtain must undergo the test of aging. Some drivers have reported that cheap curtain side wall trailer leak easily after a period of time and are not easy to fix. Although the curtain cloth has a certain degree of toughness, but if the transport of some sharp goods, there is a hidden danger of tearing the curtain cloth.The track that holds the curtain cloth is more precise. If the forklift is careless and knocked against by accident, it will cost a lot to maintain.
So we can provide you high quality certain to help your transport business better and better.