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60ton lowboy trailer for sale
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42000L Aluminum fuel Tank trailer
fuel trailers for sale

Fuel Trailers For Sale

45 CBM Fuel Trailers For Sale Description

This is our customized fuel trailers for African customers,This fuel trailers for sale has a reserve of 45,000 liters and There are six compartments.The fuel tank chamber is oval and the material of the whole tank body is aluminum.

FUDENG produces 40 000/42 000/45 000/50 000/55 000 litre fuel trailers for sale . Tanker is used for dangerous petroleum products transfer, such as gasoline, diesel, gasoline and other fuel oil, the need for tanker trailer manufacturers to create high quality and safety of the tanker. FUDENG tankers use advanced production equipment and strict testing procedures before delivery to customers. I’m Zambia, I’m Zimbabwe.  Mozambique, Burundi, Tanzania and other east African countries, customers 40,000 l 42,000 L and 45,000 L and 50,000 L aluminum fuel trailers for sale weight is lighter than carbon steel weight limit aluminum fuel trailers for sale can load more fuel at a time.  With multiple compartment options, owners can transport different types and grades of fuel in one way, such as diesel, gasoline, gasoline, etc. The Forden 45000 litre 6 compartment tanker trailer is the customer’s favorite tanker.  

fuel trailers for sale

FUDENG Fuel Trailers For Sale Advantages

transport gasoline and diesel, customizable tank volume, carbon steel tank and aluminum alloy tank optional.

Commonly used carbon steel fuel trailers for sale  and aluminum fuel trailers, used for gasoline and diesel palm oil transportation, capacity integrated bin can be designed, aluminum fuel tanker trailer are about 4 tons lighter than carbon steel cans, general weight limit is more serious countries will choose aluminum cans, aluminum alloy material to reduce the body weight, carbon steel frame, to ensure that the bearing capacity is stronger, more suitable for bad road conditions in Africa.

The detail design of the aluminum fuel trailers for sale  is unique, and the unloading cutting uses the unloading and loading API cutting; Welding process: tank shape design pressure performance is good, machine and artificial circular welding, water pressure rising shape, roll welding once forming, warehouse plate double-sided welding, increase sealing.

fuel trailers for sale


Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer Specifications
11.7m×2.5m×3.75m (Outside)
Range from 27,000L to 65,000L
Discharge Valve
API Valves 
Tanker Material
Carbon Steel / Aluminum Alloy/ Stainless Steel
Chassis Beam
Q345B carbon steel 
3 axles, 13tons FUWA / BPW brand/Chinese Brand
Landing Gear
JOST brand 28T lifting capacity / Holland
King Pin
2.00 or 3.5 inch bolt-in king pin
Mechanical suspension / Airbag Suspension
Leaf Spring
12R22.5, 13R22.5, 11.00R20, 12.00R20, 315/80R22.5, 385/65R22.5 optional
One standard tool box

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