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Place Of Origin: Shandong, China
Capacity: 45CBM , 57CBM, 59CBM
Axle: 3 Axles, FUWA/BPW Brand
Suspension: Mechanical / Airbag
Color: Customized
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Product Description

56M3 Tri Axle LPG Tank Trailer
FUDENG after years experience in building Liquefied Petroleum Gas tank trailers and keep developing new designs to customers use more easily and safely. LPG Gas Tank Trailer made by FUDENG are used to delvier a varitety of liquefied gases which include liquid propane, liquid ammonia, dimethylether, propylene,, isobutat and butadiiene etc. Tri Axles Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tanker Semi Trailer build with GB150-2011《pressure vessels》《Movable Pressure vessel safety technology and inspection procedures》JB/T19905-2005Liquefied gas truck standards. With various capacity 59.7cbm, 57.2cbm, 54cbm, 45cbm etc can satisfy all your requirements.
FUDENG LPG Gas Tanker Trailer Advantages:
1. Weight balance enhance stable towing
2. Strictly audit of production process
3. Over 10 years experience workers, with certificates
4. Before assemble to customers do 100% detaction test
5. Customized capacity / axles / tires / colors for customers
LPG Gas Tanker Semi trailer Specifications
Dimension: 13000*2500*3900mm
Medium Liquid Nature Gas(LNG)
Volume 59.4CBM
Products LPG , Propane
Fluid property Flammable
Design temperature  to 50℃
Design pressure 1.61MPa
Corrosion allowance 1mm
weld joint factor 1.0
Tanker body Q370R( normalizing) , 11mm, GB 713-2014
End plate Q370R( normalizing)  EHA2476x11(11)mm  GB/T25198-2010
Main Beam  AG700(Non-bearing pressure material)  8mm
Compartments ONE
Shape Elliptical
Manhole 1*DN450
Axles 3 Axles
Landing Gear 28Tons with two speed
Suspension Mechanical & Air suspension
Tire 12R22.5*12Pcs
Voltage: 24V
Accessories: One standard tool box, one spare tire rack, two fire extinguishers
Shipping Terms By Bulk Cargo/RORO