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Open Van Semi Trailer With Hydraulic Wing

Place of Origin: Shandong Province, China
Brand name: Fudeng
Axle: 2/3/4 axles
Capacity: 60tons heavy duty
Color: customer optional
Usage: transport normal cargo

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Open Van Semi Trailer Product Description

Our open van semi trailer is equipped with two hydraulic cylinders with wings extending from both sides for easy loading and unloading. We can design a van semi trailer for 3 axles with a 60tons capacity, it can transport ordinary goods, such as snacks, drinks, food and so on.
This is a picture of the interior of our van semi trailer, and you can see how clean it is.
We use 3pcs FUWA brand axles, designed for Africa road condition, with 16tons brake pads.
Fault identification and elimination method of pressure power unit
1. Motor does not turn: Check whether the connection line is correct.
2. When the motor starts, the cylinder does not move:
(1) The oil level in the oil tank is too low, refueling to the specified oil level.
(2) If the oil viscosity is too large or too small, use the recommended hydraulic oil label according to the season and temperature.
(3) Oil absorption net blockage, clean and replace the filter net.
(4) The magnetic valve is energized or stuck to the valve, resulting in oil unloading from the solenoid valve, check the electrical circuit or clean the solenoid valve.
3. The cylinder shall not drop or slow down during unloading:
(1) The solenoid valve is not energized, check the electrical circuit.
(2) The solenoid valve input voltage is not correct, check the voltage and reach the standard straight.
(3) Solenoid valve filter block, remove and clean or replace
4. The motor continues to work after the switch is cut off:
(1) Wire connection error, check and connect correctly.
(2) The start switch is burnt out, power off check, and replace the start switch.
5. Loud system noise:
(1) There is air in the system, and it works repeatedly for several times to exhaust the air.
(2) Don't work long hours under extreme pressure.