SHACMAN F3000 4x2 Fuel Tanker Truck - 4500L/5000L/6000L/8000L/10000L
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Shacman f3000 tipper truck price
SHACMAN F3000 Tipper Truck Price

SHACMAN F3000 4x2 Fuel Tanker Truck

Origin Place: Shannxi, China
Truck Series: F3000 / L3000 / H3000 / X3000
Engine: Weichai WP / Cummins ISM
Capacity: 4500L / 5000L / 5500Liters / 6000 Liters/ 10,000 Liters Or customized
Drive Type: 4x2 LHD/ RHD
Manufacture: SHACMAN
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Product Description

SHACMAN F3000 4x2 Fuel Tanker Truck

SHACMAN 4500L/5500L/6000L/7000L/8000L/10000L 6 wheelers fuel oil transport or fuel oil refueling Shacman F3000 fuel tanker truck for sale for customers in mining site usage to refuel the construction machinery or for construction site refueling for construction equipment. Small capacity Shacman f3000 4x2 fuel tanker truck for villages or inter cities fuel oil transport with economical fuel consumption.
SHACMAN F3000 5000L Fuel Tanker Truck
SHACMAN 6 Wheeler 4500L Fuel Tanker Truck


1. SHACMAN multiple series for light small capacity fuel tanker trucks options. We have cheaper L3000 series suitable for budget shortage customers, have solid and strong Shacman F3000 rigid 4 by 2 six 6 wheelers light fuel tanker trucks available, as well as H3000 series and luxurious X3000 Shacman fuel tanker trucks price.
2. SHACMAN fuel tanker trucks in Zimbabwe shacman f3000 fuel tanker trucks price in D.R Congo good price for SHACMAN 4500 liters fuel tanker trucks buyers and have good after-sales service support for axles, gearbox as well as engine for 12 months free warranty.
3. SHACMAN trucks are liked by more and more customers because of their good performance in power on climbing steep and higher pass ability for bad road conditions. Shacman F3000 fuel tanker trucks also have Shacman brand high performance ability.
4. SHACMAN fuel tanker trucks with durable and supportable spare parts easy to find in Africa, and we can also supply you spare parts from China if you need.


SHACMAN Fuel Tanker Truck
Series F3000/H3000/L3000
Medium Fuel Oil, Petroleum, Diesel, Gasoline
Volume 2000L/4500L/5000L/6000L/8000L/10000L/12000L/14000L or customized
Fluid property Flammable and Explosive
Shape Round or oval type
Tanker Material Carbon steel or Aluminium
Compartments 1-8pcs
Manhole 1-8pcs
Offloading Valves 1-8pcs
Drive Axle 13T MAN
Front Axle MAN 7.5T
Tire 12R22.5*7Pcs
Voltage: 24V
Accessories: One standard tool box, one spare tire rack, two fire extinguishers
Shipping Terms By Bulk Cargo/RORO/Flat Rack