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Place of Origin: Shandong Province, China
Brand name: Fudeng
Axle: 2/3/4 axles
Capacity: 60tons heavy duty
Color: Customer optional
Usage: Transport container and cargo

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Side Wall Trailer Product Description

The side wall trailer widely used, mainly suitable for medium and heavy cargo and bulk cargo in medium and long distance transportation, strong applicability, has become the first choice of medium and long distance freight vehicles.
The trailer body adopts high quality steel, advanced technology, strict production and manufacturing, the vehicle structure is reasonable, reliable performance, simple operation, beautiful appearance.
Our side wall trailer supply optional side wall style, each side to open several optional 5 open fan, 6 open fan, options to open the door, the door structure, optional profile structure and the rear part of the structure, the optional interpolation extrapolation structure, column can vertical corrugated board structure, four open, may open the door, six open structure, the vehicle of the tailgate options vertical corrugated, square tube plate, square tube cross style, before the options panel structure.
There are four axles will be more durable and strong when you make transport business, we use 13tons FUWA brand axles help you transport heavier duty cargo. The suspension is made of non-independent steel plate ramming rigid suspension, which is made of tandem leaf spring and suspension support. Reasonable structure, with strong rigidity and strength, used to support load mitigation impact.
We cut the side wall trailer in the rear of 0.7m semitrailer, shipping trailers by 40HQ Container save freight cost for customer, then you should weld and tight bolt and nuts when you get it from your port.
Welcome you visit our factory when you come to China, look forward to meet you at Jinan Airport or High-speed Train Station.