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Wind blade special transport adapter

Origin Place: Shandong, China
Load Capacity: 550 MT
Tech: Transport latest mega wind turbine blades
Color: Per buyer's need
Inquiry Email: Phone / Whatsapp : +86 18678652358

Product Description

Wind Blade Adapter

Our manufacture build the bladelifer low laoder trailer with 550 MT / 5.500 kNm, FUDENG Blade adaotor can transport the latest mega wind turbine blades which can allows the wind blades be moved in such a way that they can be transported safely and efficiently in wooded or built-up areas, in mountainous area in narrow streets. Rotor blades can be picked up, raised up to an angle of almost 60°, swivelled and rotated by 360° around their own axis using this adapter, which is mounted on a self-propelled vehicle or between modular axle lines.