Type of dump truck carriage


Type of dump truck carriage

In our life, the most common or road dump truck, and focus on transportation of mine dump car, however, with the ordinary road carriage, the early dump car is under the sufficient material, in the transport some coal, ores and other solid stone will be more durable, mostly the higher thickness, volume larger square carriage, a large number of promotion until the late new U carriages.

Two type of dump truck carriage

1.U shape dump truck carriage

First of all, from the perspective of the common city residue in the car, they are the car carrying the u-shaped dump cars, urban waste residue is a powerful driving force of urban construction rapid development, but urban road are more sensitive to the environment, early years because residue in car in urban road “dripped” leakage phenomenon, ordinary cars sealing will be able to be competent the job of sediment transport.

Residue in model development, are now by traditional dump truck for a new environmental car, is not only a u-shaped carriages, and automatic tarpaulins, above the greatly strengthened the case sealing, reduce in urban road “dripped” leakage phenomenon, in addition because U the design of the car line is smooth, on the main frame and without reinforcement leakage, Reduce the chance of residual mud in the container.

And now U dump truck carriages on the volume is much smaller than the average square car, is advantageous to the relevant departments for residue in the car, overload control, it’s U, the biggest essence is to the floor, u-shaped plate smoothing, drivers to reduce the load on some big rocks and cars at the bottom of the collision impact, unloading cleaner and more durable, save drivers scoop The steps of clear material.

dump truck

2.Square dump truck carriage

Than U dump truck carriages, square cars more popular in the field of highway transportation, if you have any particular scenario transport is not, I believe that most users would choose square, square shape, volume, bigger car body frame can be customized according to the load, the strength of the stiffener and the clearance, custom strong flexibility.

Square dump truck carriage also has a disadvantage, however, is the column plate and bottom plate is not a one-piece, but fixed by post, if the normal loading capacity is big, and the length is longer than the box, bar plate prone to external expansion, among which is the square of a large structure defects, but many friends and overloading car card, will be in the middle of the column plate and wire reinforcement, control of hoist Wire rope can be tightly pin down on both sides of the tailgate and the wire from the cargo

If it comes to versatility, square dump truck carriage is a winner, because the average square carriage can not only transport sand, ore, coal, can also transport cement, stone products, feed, and so on, as long as the capacity of the container, the expansion of rectangular box was sex are much stronger than U car, I think that’s road transportation users tend to square the cause of the dump truck carriage

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3.U-shaped boxes versus square shape

U shape dump truck is inverted trapezoidal shape on the bottom of the car, on both sides of this design is to make the goods to central, to focus on the cargo loading some waste residue, coal, ballast, unloading when not easy adhesion, and at the same time U crate design is also beneficial to transport operations at the end of the cleaning, encountered some clay, no longer need to take hoe. The shovel to dig slowly is also very helpful for the cleaning of the container. At the same time, the tail plate of the U-type container is flat, and the sealing will be better, so as to prevent the soil loaded from leaking from the gap of the container and spreading to where it goes when driving on the road.

U the appearance of the dump truck will look better, halfback, look towards internationalization level, dump truck in many developed countries in Europe and America are using U, believe U load is the future trend of the development of the industry from U, if compartments on the structure of square, has a card said friends are car, the frame structure is the same, just different from base plate modelling, actually otherwise, From the point of view of the frame structure, the reinforced steel beam of the square box is also more. The utility and stability of U-shaped compartment will be stronger than that of square compartment, so that special compartment can be used for special purpose. The versatility of ordinary square compartment is also very friendly to many retail dump truck owners, which breaks the hindrance of freight box restricting the transportation of goods. Each has its own advantages.