Tri axle 50 ton low bed trailer Features

tri axle 50 ton low bed trailer

Tri axle 50 ton low bed trailer Features

1. Side beam is generally channel steel or bending parts. At present, most trailers use channel steel, and there will be more light body bending side beams, because the requirements for strength are not too big. The support beam is through beam, and now it is mostly W beam.

2. The traction pin is an important part that connects the tri axle 50 ton low bed trailer and the tractor and bears the traction force. It is connected with the traction seat. It is usually forged from steel with a chrome alloy structure. There are 50# traction pins and 90# traction pins to suit different cargo tonnage. Generally, the total weight of 50T trailer and goods is limited. Use 50# pins for up to 50T and 90# pins for up to 50T. Above 90T, 90# traction pin insurance is adopted.

tri axle 50 ton low bed trailer

3.General tri axle 50 ton low bed trailer  suspension adopts non-independent steel plate stamping rigid suspension, composed of series leaf spring and suspension support, used to support the load, reduce the impact of the vehicle dynamic load. Because of the different uses of special vehicles, there are different requirements for suspension design.

4. Three axls low bed trailer axle is the support axle, the most popular domestic axle is the United States, Germany axle. The axle is connected to the frame by leaf springs, tie rods, and suspension devices to support the forces between the frame and the wheels and to transfer loads.

5. The electrical system of the three-axis low-bed trailer is composed of seven-pin socket, cable, air loop, various lamps and lanterns, etc., used for lighting, safety warning, brake air supply, etc. Generally look at the regularity of circuit wiring can basically know the quality of the manufacturer. That’s going from small to big.

tri axle 50 ton low bed trailer

6.The support device of the tri axle 50 ton low bed trailer  is mainly used for the support of the trailer when it is detached, which is composed of support legs and connecting brackets.

7. The tri axle 50 ton low bed trailer  protection device is composed of side protection and rear protection to prevent pedestrians and other vehicles from entering the lower part of the semi-trailer. It’s also fuel efficient when done right. If this is done to reduce wind resistance, it is called a side skirt. You can do the same abroad. If a side skirt is made in Korea, it is called a facelift and punished.

8. Other accessories for the tri axle 50 ton low bed trailer  include toolbox, spare tire rack, gantry frame, stakes, etc. There are some small accessories such as rope pull device, rope hook and other functional accessories, according to the type of goods to choose.

tri axle 50 ton low bed trailer

Low flat semi trailer is also widely used in all kinds of mechanical equipment, large objects, road construction equipment, large tank, power station equipment and all kinds of steel transportation.

1. The tri axle 50 ton low bed trailer has flat plate type, concave beam type and exposed wheel type structure, and the longitudinal beam adopts straight beam type or gooseneck type. The frame adopts stepped structure, the longitudinal beam section adopts I-shaped structure, which has the characteristics of high stiffness and high strength.

2. The lower main plane of the rack platform ensures the stability of transportation and is suitable for carrying various construction machinery, large equipment and steel.

3. The use of three axls balance type, two-axis balance type or rigid suspension, and the mass balance block installed before and after the leaf between the spring, so that the deflection plate spring is the same amount of change, so that the front and rear axle is the balance force;

4. Tri axle 50 ton low bed trailer  is suitable for transporting all kinds of machinery and equipment, large objects, road equipment, large tanks, power station equipment and machinery, widely used, high efficiency, fast speed. The vehicle adopts advanced computer aided design software, and the optimized design is flexible and diverse. The load-bearing surface of the frame is designed according to user requirements to meet the transportation of various special items.

5. There are two types of three-axle low bed trailers: two axle and three axle. Both have forward arms. Generally under 13 meters. It used to be 17.5 meters. The load of the full trailer is entirely borne by itself and is connected to the locomotive only by hook. The locomotive only provides power to help the trailer overcome the frictional resistance of the road.

6.The full suspension can stand upright on its own tires. Generally about 6.5 meters. Semi trailer and low bed car factory must have a sprinkler system, because in long-distance transportation, long time of braking will make the wheels heat. Not using cooling brakes can reduce effectiveness or even failure, reducing wheel, axle and tire impact. Service life.