Why choose lightweight low loader semi trailer

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Lightweight Low loader semi trailer

1. Light weight

The low loader semi trailer has a curb weight of 5.8 t, a rated total mass of 40 t, a length of 13.75 m, a width of 3 m, a height of 1.05 m, and a height of 1.55 m at the gooseneck. Compared with similar products, this car has a light weight and a low center of gravity with a center of gravity of 0.5 m. It can carry a large volume of 160 cubic meters.

2. Good load capacity

Since the low loader semi trailer for sale is mainly used for the transportation of heavy construction machinery such as excavators and loaders, the girder is the weak point of the low bed semi trailer, and the breakage of the girder occurs from time to time. This requires that the low-platform semi-trailer low bed trailer transporter not only has a strong load-carrying capacity of the vehicle, but also ensures the safety of loading and unloading.

low loader trailer
FUDENG 3 axles 120ton low loader trailer for sale

FUDENG Brand low laoder semi trailer, the beam adopts a patented design of double parabola inward arc. The girder adopts the splicing structure technology,hydraulic low bed trailer the inner side is equipped with crescent-shaped reinforcement plates, and the reinforcement plates and stiffeners are added under the girder to more effectively deal with the stress concentration, and the overall load-bearing capacity of the girder is better. At the same time, this model also adds double-layer reinforcement plates at the weak points of the girder.

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he structure of the reinforcement plate is slowly transitioned without sharp bends, which softens stress changes and prevents stress concentration points from breaking. Compared with the right-angle design, this design can effectively reduce the girder fracture. risks of. FUDENG’s original reinforcement brace is welded to the vehicle bracket, and adopts a triangular structure with a larger and more stable angle. It supports and protects the side beams from collapsing, and the brackets are not broken or skewed. The flat part adopts a special coating process as a whole, and the flatness is extremely high.

3. More saving cost

In order to create a extendable low bed trailer that is more cost-effective and less maintenance, FUDENG Automobile 3 axle 4 axle low loader trailer ensures the service life of the product from aspects such as process design and after-sales.

First of all, FUDENG’s full range of products are made of high-strength steel from major domestic manufacturers such as Baosteel, Anyang Iron and Steel, Taiyuan Iron and Steel, and Guangdong original Fuhua axles and dual-currency tires, ensuring safety and quality.

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Secondly, the optional maintenance-free design of the FUDENG low loader semi trailer hanging balance beam eliminates the need for oil injection, which saves maintenance costs. A large tarpaulin box is intimately installed under the vehicle, which greatly expands the storage space of the driver and makes it more convenient to install vehicle-mounted objects and personal belongings. The rope tightener of the vehicle uses a densely toothed structure, which is more convenient to use, and the bundled items are tighter.

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